The Glory Cup has become a group B battle. Except for eStar and GK, half of the “quasi” group B teams will participate.

The Glory Cup S5 competition hosted by Douyu live broadcast platform will start at 5 pm on October 29, 2022. This Glory Cup has invited nine KPL teams and one K-A team, namely: Wuhan eStarPro, Foshan DRG.GK, Chengdu AG Chaowan Club, Nanjing Hero Jiujing, Xi’an WE, Xiamen VG, Hangzhou LGD Big Goose , Changsha TES.A, Shenzhen DYG and NBW .

Judging from the lineup of the participating teams, the level of these teams invited by Douyu is a little bit underwhelming compared to their target competition platform Huya. The teams participating in the Huya Thunder Cup are: Chengdu AG Super Play Club, Guangzhou TTG, Suzhou KSG, Changsha TES.A, XYG, Chongqing Wolves, Beijing WB, Foshan DRG.GK, Nanjing Hero Jiujing, and Dongguan WZ . Wolves, AG, TTG, Hero, WB, and XYG are the most popular and powerful teams in KPL. On the other hand, the ten participating teams in the Douyu Glory Cup, in addition to eStar and GK can see the strength, the popularity of AG can be regarded as the top, the other teams are quite average in terms of popularity and strength. With the same configuration of nine KPLs plus one K armor, the team lineup invited by Huya is obviously more luxurious than Douyu.

On the other hand, if you take a closer look at the ten participating teams in the Douyu Glory Cup, excluding the K-A team NBW, there are five more than half of the “quasi” Group B teams that can be regarded as KPL. LGD, DYG, and TES are the three teams that have been eliminated in the third round of the 2022 KPL Summer Regular Season. They are Group B teams with real value and certainty. The other two teams, WE and VG, although they are a little better than the previous three teams, at least have a chance to play the third round of the regular season, but their final ranking is the tail of the crane in Group A, ranking fifth. , 6th, if the next league is based on their ranking in the summer game, they will basically be dropped from Group B, so these two teams are considered “quasi” Group B teams. With three Group B teams and two “quasi” Group B teams, the Douyu Glory Cup composed of such a lineup can definitely be regarded as a “Group B chaos”.

Netizen: It’s just a training match for the “pro-son” appointment

After the ten teams of the Douyu Glory Cup were announced, some netizens ridiculed that this was a game, it was just a training match for Douyu to spend money for the “pro-son” appointment. As we all know, Shenzhen DYG, one of the KPL teams, is the King of Glory professional team under Douyu Live. Therefore, DYG must be willing to participate in this kind of event organized by “pro-father”. By the way, it can also cross groups and strengths. When a stronger team fights, why not do it. In fact, in addition to DYG, Douyu also has a “little son” – NBW, which is a K-A team founded by their anchors. From the perspective of ingredients, it is obvious that NBW is going to target Huya anchor Zhang Daxian. The clan of XYG. Therefore, in a game, there are not only “pro sons” but also “young sons”, and it is no wonder that netizens will ridicule that the Glory Cup is just a training match for Douyu’s teams.

No matter what the lineup of the Douyu Glory Cup is, in this long offseason, there are certain platform games to watch. Douyu Glory Cup S5, which will start on October 29, what do you expect from this competition? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss~