The gap is too big! T1 beat JDG 3-1 to return to final after five years

The first match of the 2022 League of Legends global finals semi-finals will be the LPL champion JDG team against the global finals triple crown champion T1 team! The winner will get the first ticket to advance to the S12 finals. In the case of losing one game first, the T1 team relied on the heroic performance of all members to chase three games in a row, allowing one chase three 3-1 to eliminate the LPL’s last hope, the JDG team, and reached the global finals again after five years. . The LCK division is about to stage a civil war in the finals, locking in the S12 championship in advance.

first round

T1: Camille, Vi, Galio, Lucian, Nami

JDG: Weapon, Foyego, Taliyah, Aphelios, Lulu

T1’s handling in the laning phase was very delicate and gained the upper hand from the side lanes. Aphelios surrendered the flash during the blood exchange process, which attracted Wei’s target. Facing T1’s down-team team, Lulu forced it to surrender a blood. Also killed after replacing Lucian’s head. JDG Nakano took the opportunity to get the canyon pioneer, and then wanted to target Camille on the road, but the support speed of T1 was very amazing, even Nami quickly swam over to form a wave of 4 on 3, weapons and Foyego were killed in battle, Yan Que replaced Wei, and at the same time the bot JDG duo crossed the tower and killed Lucian. In response to the Luna offensive in the early and mid-term of T1, JDG chose to team up to defend, and rigorously worked hard to deal with the lock attack of T1’s upper, middle and jungle in the resource team battle to avoid being snowballed by T1.

Camille squatted down and was killed by JDG in the process of covering his teammates to advance to the first tower in the middle. Galio was also killed in order to rescue his teammates. JDG launched a counterattack and demolished the first tower in the middle. Then the two teams fought fiercely in the middle. JDG still used his weapon to fight back T1 even when Aphelios was beaten by seconds, and got the wind dragon soul draw card. T1 caught the vacancy of JDG’s formation and suddenly launched an attack, dropped Lulu and the weapon in seconds, and quickly turned into the big dragon pit. The three of JDG approached the dragon pit to attract T1 to start a group. In the next Fenglong soul team battle, T1 avoided the fight and directly exchanged it with the big dragon. The weapon helped the team get the wind dragon soul, but T1 also killed the big dragon and retreated as expected.

On the eve of the ancient dragon’s refresh, Galio suddenly flashed W in the vision of the partition wall card in the middle and pulled two people. T1 swarmed up and dropped Aphelios in seconds. JDG was forced to use fewer enemies and more enemies in the ancient dragon team battle, weapons and Foye. Ge desperately rushed into the dragon pit to attract firepower and disrupted the rhythm of T1. After Aphelios was resurrected and rushed to the battlefield, he forcibly repulsed T1 through the cooperation of double C’s 4-for-3. After the JDG players were resurrected, they immediately assembled to win the ancient dragon soul, and then turned into the big dragon to force T1 to take over the group. They killed everyone in T1 by destroying them one by one through explosive damage.

second game

T1: Yone, Poppy, Ryze, Lucian, Nami

JDG: Malphite, Belvis, Silas, Aphelios, Lulu

The grass at the T1 duo first-level station wanted to put pressure on them, but the JDG duo did not hesitate at all, and directly All in all skills, attacked Aphelios and cut off Lucian’s blood and was replaced by Nami. In the middle, Belvis cooperated with Silas to almost kill Ryze, but at a critical moment Poppy came to save his teammates. Ryze was greedy to return to the city and was found by JDG Nakano and forced into the wild area, and was forced to choose to escape in the opposite direction to send the tower. The middle and jungle of the two sides gradually approached the bottom road. JDG wanted to control the first dragon for Belvis after securing the line and forced back T1, but Poppy broke into the dragon pit alone and took the dragon away. JDG took advantage of the trend to kill Poppy. Still helping Belvis refresh his ultimate, and caught Ryze’s flash in the middle. After JDG changed lanes, the attack on the wing was impatient, and mistakes gave T1 some opportunities. The two sides still maintained an anxious balance in the mid-term. T1 began to use their good split-push operation to pull JDG’s offense. Through the strong Luna The combination began to unfold the oppression.

In the case that the frontal team battle is not dominant, T1 began to play the role of Ryze and Yone, distracted JDG’s attention through extreme split push operations, and used the timing of JDG’s people in the second half to decisively Rush stole the dragon. , Next, Ryze and Yone continued to split and push on the top road to completely disrupt the rhythm of JDG. After several waves of exchanges, JDG suffered heavy losses. JDG was eager to launch the first move locally, but was disintegrated by T1’s counterattack one by one. After the death of three people Lose the upper and middle two highlands. The originally relatively balanced situation was torn apart by T1 in just a few minutes, and the economic gap of 5,000 yuan was suddenly opened. JDG was completely unable to handle T1’s split push.

After the fall of the two-way highland, JDG was unable to compete for the second dragon, and could only find the last chance to force the opening when T1 advanced to the bottom. However, T1 used stealing to disrupt JDG and launched a counterattack around Lucian, and successfully resolved JDG’s attack. The counterattack almost ended the game, and the resurrection of the JDG highland crystal temporarily delayed the progress of T1, but it was still difficult to find a chance to come back. After 33 minutes, JDG concentrated firepower to kill Ryze, but it was difficult to deal with Yon Lucian, who was defeated by T1 one by one and leveled the base. T1 pulled one back and the two sides fought a 1-1 draw.

third game

JDG: Crocodile, Foyego, Tsar, Aphelios, Lulu

T1: Captain, Nightmare, Ryze, Lucian, Nami

Foyego grabbed the speed three, cooperated with the crocodile to jump over the tower and killed the captain to get one blood, and then continued the military training to squat in the grass. Nightmare came to help the captain and the two sides broke out in the Ueno 2v2. Foyego was killed but the crocodile got a double kill. Ueno on both sides came back to life and continued to PK in the imperial city on the road. After Nightmare and the crocodile exchanged heads, Foyego tried to jump over the tower and was counter-killed. Aphelios and Lulu also killed Lucian on the line at the same time, but Ryze, who was supported by support, accepted the double kill. The confrontation between the two teams was extremely fierce on the wing. Ryze, who had developed smoothly in the early stage, brought it to the lower half of JDG. A lot of pressure forced them to let go of the two little dragons in the early stage. In about 17 minutes, JDG released the vanguard to advance to the first tower in the middle. T1 tried to launch an active attack, but JDG calmly responded and killed Nami. After the crocodile ambush at F6 to kill the captain alone Replaced by T1.

Just after 20 minutes, T1 was consumed by Luna in the middle. JDG wanted to counterattack but was pulled away. Nightmare backhanded and led his teammates to kill the three of JDG. T1 took advantage of the trend to get the big dragon buff! JDG Nakano was powerless to stop it, but he caught Ryze in the lower half of the wild to get a bounty of 1,000 and a little dragon. Then T1 teamed up and pushed the middle to put pressure on them, jumping over the tower and killing JDG’s double C, but the crocodile was single on the top lane. After killing Ruiz, TP went around and cooperated with the team to start a counter-attack. JDG played a wave of 2 for 4 to contain T1’s big dragon offensive. T1 unhurriedly continued the fierce battle around Luna’s combination and JDG, and forcibly replaced JDG’s bottom highland on the wing, and had a big lead in the situation. After 34 minutes, T1 teamed up and won the second big dragon. In the wild area, Foyego, who was anti-wild, was killed, and then the middle road forced a group to destroy JDG to end the game, winning two games in a row 2-1 to hold the match point.

fourth game

JDG: Piggy, Belvis, Silas, Jhin, Karma

T1: Cask, Foyego, Tsar, Varus, Renata

The two sides exchanged blood regularly in the bottom lane. Renata suddenly used a cold arrow to flash Q to control Karma, and a set of damage combined with Karma’s line kill to get one blood. In order to help the bottom road to save the situation, the pig sister even walked to support the bottom road to help kill Renata. The two sides of the vanguard team battle started a stalemate. T1 first dealt with Belvis, who could harvest the battle situation, and played a team battle. Wave 2 for 3, but JDG still got the canyon pioneer, and then pushed down the top tower. JDG’s lineup urgently needs to play a rhythm in the early and mid-term, but T1’s response and counter-attack are very perfect. The bottom laner Renata first helped Varus to double kill Jhin and Karma, and the middle lane JDG took the initiative to attack but was backhanded 1 for 3 . T1 became more and more warriors, and in the second vanguard team battle, they destroyed JDG again, and they won 0 for 4, and they basically won the game.

In the face of the ever-widening equipment gap, JDG’s original lack of large core output was infinitely magnified. T1 was unstoppable and launched an all-out attack. JDG’s comeback hope was like a candle in the wind, and Renata was a perfect operation show. All of JDG’s efforts were in vain. Just 20 minutes later, JDG was in the bottom lane and the three of them grabbed the barrels. As a result, Renata flanked to support R flash and left the three. T1 easily counterattacked and won the Dragon Buff, Varus After three kills, the economic gap between the two sides has exceeded 10,000 yuan. JDG failed to get any chance of adjustment and respite. T1 defeated JDG again in the wild area through continuous pressing and pushed off the top lane, only one step away from the final stage.

JDG desperately defended the advance of T1 with their backs on the front teeth tower, but the disparity in damage made them unable to stop T1. T1 ended the game without delay, and finally eliminated JDG with a score of 3-1 and advanced to the final. T1 returned to the Champions and Asian Finals of the Global Finals after five years, and also announced that the LCK division will stage a civil war in the Champions and Asian Finals, locking in the S12 championship in advance!