The fourth season of “I Want to Invest” is on the air, and we invite you to witness the wonderful venture capital!

Capital empowers the industry, and innovation leads the future. The fourth season of the venture capital variety show “I Want to Invest” is back on schedule amid much attention! From October 28th at 20:30 every Friday night, the fourth season of “I Want to Invest” titled by Tianji Auto will be broadcast simultaneously on Hunan International Channel and Tencent Video.

Through the successful accumulation of the first three seasons of “I Want to Invest”, many companies have begun to enter the public eye, and their entrepreneurial dreams have been successfully put on the big screen. The program also successfully introduced the originally obscure concept of investment and financing into thousands of households, with a new annotation for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”.

In the summer of 2022, the organizers will start the fourth season of offline auditions in Changsha, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It took two months to select 24 out of hundreds of entrepreneurial projects. They will continue to be personally selected and selected from investment groups and guests. Will there be any star companies that will go to IPO in the future? let us wait and see!

“This is the best venture capital show I think has ever done.”

——Xiong Gang, founding partner and chairman of Australia Bank Capital

“This program is different from the previous venture capital programs, because the Dream Builder competition system makes the original boring business behavior more interesting.”

——Wang Jun, founding managing partner of Kunzhong Capital

“What attracts me most about this show is the exchange and collision of ideas.”

——Celebrity investor Hu Haiquan

The “Five Forces Radar Chart” Begins to Reveal Mysteries

In this season’s program, the contestants will go through a number of links, such as roadshows, team formation, creative theme project presentations, encounters with investors, and battles at the peak, and will eventually be expelled from the top three in this season.

Entrepreneurs need to have self-knowledge, accurately grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the project, and learn from each other’s strengths, which is very important to the long-term development of the enterprise. Therefore, this season’s program requires contestants to make self-assessments on the project’s performance in five aspects: technical barriers, business management, team quality, marketing, and product services, so as to generate a “five-force radar map” to intuitively show the strength and characteristics of the project.

Use technology to listen to the voice of the world

The first person to appear in the first program is Shenzhen Xunsheng Lingzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is a company focusing on the research and development and application of domestically produced intelligent air sonar. Project representative Xiang Bin introduced that the core products of the team include various air sonar products for different industries and different scenarios, and the imaging effect of the handheld acoustic camera will be demonstrated on site.

In the roadshow, the two words that Xiang Bin mentioned the most was “technology”, which confirmed the guests’ guess based on the “Five Forces Radar Chart” that “this is a company that wins by technology.” Xiang Bin further explained, “As a college student entrepreneurial team, the early stage focused on the technological development route, and lacked experience in the market.” In this regard, Zhu Jinqiao, a dream builder, suggested that the products can be expanded to the civilian and fire protection fields. Chen Jun, a dream builder, made no secret of his appreciation for Xiang Bin. “In addition to seeing the world with eyes, sound is also a vast world. You are doing a difficult and correct thing.” He encouraged Xiang Bin to move on.

Nurses’ families start businesses for love

The second one to appear is Hunan Medical Biaotong Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is a company specializing in medical label design, providing standardized and intelligent products and management methods according to the problems in nursing work, known as “medical intelligent labeling” professional butler”. The project team members are all from nurses’ families, and the original intention of starting a business is to make the family work better and more at ease.

The project representative Sheng Yumeng enthusiastically shared the successful experience and entrepreneurial story of the project on the stage, and his sincerity touched everyone present. The guests praised the team for seeing the pain points in the nursing sector, proposing solutions efficiently, and making up for the defects in the technical content barriers with strong comprehensive capabilities. Mr. Xiong Gang gave the project three consecutive compliments of “meaningful”, “interesting” and “cool”, boldly predicting that “this may be a high-scoring project”.

“Money is only one of the tools to change the future. How to deal with money itself is also a necessary practice for entrepreneurs.” Facing the current financing needs of Yibiaotong, “star investor” Hu Haiquan asked Sheng Yumeng to do a good job of being bargained by institutions. He pointed out that sometimes valuation is not so important, and investors’ resources can bring much more than money, so make plans for multiple rounds of financing in the future.

The third entrepreneurship continues to deepen the oil field

The third player to appear is Deng Lianjun, general manager of ABP (Zhoushan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. According to Deng Lianjun, ABP’s core technology is to use a specially developed high-pixel thermal imager to take pictures of the detected objects, and to identify and analyze infrared images in the background and quantify the results, which can be applied to petroleum, petrochemical and forestry.

On the stage, Deng Lianjun said bluntly, “I am older and more pragmatic.” “We value real data, after all, we have walked this road.” “In the early days, we are not afraid of being too slow, just walk steadily and avoid detours. Because we Having such experience, walking too fast is easy to fall.” The cautious attitude is inseparably related to Deng Lianjun’s third entrepreneurial experience. “This is a stage with dreams, and serial entrepreneurs are very welcome.” Teacher Chen Jun sent warm encouragement after listening to the players’ entrepreneurial experience.

The three contestants in the first group have their own characteristics. Who will get the pass-through card for the first program? At 20:30 this Friday night, I will lock Hunan International Channel and Tencent Video, and the first issue of the fourth season of “I Want to Invest” titled by Skyline Auto will be announced for you.

Producer / Shuai Ren

Editor-in-Chief / Chen Weichun

Editor / Li Leilei