The four teams of TI11 are about to compete at the peak. Who is the ‘prophet’ of the final? Come to station B to predict a wave

In recent years, the popularity of e-sports competitions has been very high, and it has attracted the attention of many players. Especially this year’s TI11, the competition has become more and more intense. At present, it has reached the final finals, and the four teams have gathered at the peak to compete for the final championship. These four teams include Secret, Tundra and Liquid from Western Europe, as well as the domestic only seed Aster. When the game came to this time, everyone cheered for Aster, hoping that they could perform well and get the final honor.

I have to say that there are many unforgettable pictures in this TI11, which impressed the audience deeply. On the first day of the knockout round, EG of the winner group was sacked by TA, which is inevitably a bit regrettable; Fnatic’s big advantage was overturned by the wind, which is really a pity, and the four RNG were sick and quarantined. Although they were sick, they never gave up. Played the longest game in history, and everyone has witnessed history. The news of Maybe’s retirement after that has become a lot of players’ uneasy feelings, paying tribute to the lost youth of DOTA2.

After a period of duel, Aster, Secret, Tundra and Liquid came to the final peak. These four teams performed very well. Tundra entered the final in the first year of participating in TI, and its strength was still very strong. The opponent is Secret, which is an old-fashioned team. If you want to go further, you must accept the test of veterans. There is also Aster vs. Liquid. The strength of the two teams is 55%. It all depends on the individual performance and lineup. I hope Aster can get the lineup system that is in hand and go further on the field.

The time for the final is October 29th, and the final champion will be among these four teams. Friends, you may wish to come to Station B to make predictions. There is a “Final Script Prophet” event, and there will be rewards for correct predictions. . In addition, you can make a support video for Aster. Station B also sincerely uses 100,000 as a reward. In addition, every time Aster wins a game during the final day, the official live broadcast room of the Dota 2 event at Station B will send a YVR glasses. This wave of benefits The event is decisive to participate in a wave.

The game is about to start, everyone may wish to gather at Station B on the day of the final to cheer for your favorite team!