The four elves with the least blood in “Pokémon”, but one of them is actually very fleshy in battle?

Last time we introduced the Pokémon with the highest HP. The level of HP is most intuitively reflected in the blood volume. If the HP itself is enough, even if the dual resistance value is relatively general (such as auspicious eggs), it can still be very meaty, not enough In this article, we are going to introduce the four Pokémon with the lowest HP so far (not including Pokémon that have not fully evolved). Part of the racial value is given to the other five, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing, so let’s take a look at which of the four Pokémon with the least HP are.

PS: The ranking is in no order; this article may not have much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 Shelling Ninja

The shelling ninja with the least blood is undoubtedly the shelling ninja, because the shelling ninja has a very buggy characteristic – magical protection, so the official has made certain restrictions on it, that is, no matter how the shelling ninja has only 1 HP (Effort value can’t be pulled up), so Shelling Ninja is basically a magical guardian of success, and a magical guardian of defeat. Because of this feature, it can be targeted for specific attributes in battle, but in turn, it is easy to die. It will even fall over if it is scratched by the weather.

NO.2 Kettle

Well, that’s right, Huhu is on the list again. Last time we mentioned that Huhu is a very extreme Pokémon. The speed of double defense is extremely high, resulting in very low values ​​of other races, including The basic HP value of the kettle is only 20, but this does not mean that the kettle is not meat, the double defense of the kettle has reached the level of 230, so under the pull of the high resistance, the kettle still has a very good standing. The field ability can still be called a shield. Whether a Pokemon is meat or not, it still has to be looked at by comprehensive three resistances.

NO.3 Three hamsters

The three gophers here include the current common three gophers and the three gophers in the Alola area. As for the ninth generation of sea gophers, they will not be included in this list for the time being. After all, the evolution of sea gophers does not know what the value is. , the HP of the three gophers is very small, and the value is only 35, but this has also exchanged for a very high speed base. The ordinary three gophers have reached the base speed of 120, and the speed of the Alola three gophers is also 110. The three gophers can even catch people by relying on this initial speed combined with the characteristic sand cave.

NO.4 Magic Wall Doll

The magic wall puppets in the Galar region have evolution types, but the ordinary magic wall dolls still do not have them, so the ordinary magic wall dolls can still be regarded as fully evolved Pokémon, and their basic HP value is only 40. , so although the magic wall puppet has a good-looking basic special defense, but because of the drag of HP and its own physical defense is also relatively general, so the magic wall puppet cannot be regarded as a comprehensive ability shield, even if it does not increase the effort value. The next are not very good as a shield, causing it to become unpopular.

Well, the above are the four groups of Pokémon with the least HP that Xiao Er will introduce this time. Of course, less blood does not mean bad, such as three gophers and pots. Because of their low HP, they are in other groups. Racial values ​​have better numerical performance.