The former V5 coach broke the news: Theshy is the highest earner on LPL! The mid laner doinb, AD is JKL

The LPL transfer period is about to start. Recently, all kinds of transfer news are true and false, and it has spread a lot. The former V5 coach Han Yi, who is also Liu Qingsong’s agent, specially posted a long article about the five highest paid players in the current LPL, namely the top laner theshy, the jungler Tarzan and sofm, and the mid laner doinb. , next to JKL and Liu Qingsong.

The specific speech is as follows. First of all, he said that LPL has a salary cap for players. LGD, OMG, AL and WE are the clubs that spend the least money, but it does not mean that they do not make money. The club that spends the most is BLG and the most successful is JDG. Then he revealed the 5 players with the highest income in the position. Liu Qingsong has the highest support position, followed by ming, and then meiko. The highest income player in AD position is JKL, followed by Viper, and the third is Lwx, with the highest midlaner position. It is doinb, followed by scout, and then Angel. The jungler with the highest position is sofm and Tarzan, followed by Karsa, and the top laner is theshy, of which theshy should be the only one, similar to doinb, followed by bin. Then 369 and Ale.

According to Hanyi’s revelations, the top laner Theshy is the only one. Although the jungler has the most sofm and Tarzan, the salary of the jungler is actually lower than other positions. He predicts that after Wei becomes a free agent this year, the salary may also be higher. It will skyrocket, and the mid lane is also the only one in doinb. Knight may increase sharply this year. Although Gala did not make the top 3 in AD position, he rejected the big contract offered by RNG, and RNG offered him a contract similar to Viper. . In general, the five players with the highest salary in these five positions have both popularity and strength. Of course, the jungler position is slightly weaker, mainly because the popularity of sofm and tarzan is not so high.

According to this statement, WBG occupied two places in the Ueno and the wild, but they did not even get the qualifications for the bubbling competition. The results should be relatively poor, but they signed theshy with huge sums of money, which has indeed brought unprecedented popularity to WBG. And traffic, get 6 or 7 sponsorships, the club will definitely not lose. And the results are similar to last year. In general, from a business point of view, WBG is relatively successful. If it can enter the World Championship, it will be a big profit.

Of course, from Han Yi’s description, he didn’t know the income of some players. For example, Rookie and bin, he admitted that he didn’t know the specific salary. Therefore, the details of the five players with the highest income are also Just refer to it temporarily. After the start of the transfer period this year, there will definitely be changes. This year, there are a lot of free agent players, and strong and popular players may have a breakthrough income growth.

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