The former “king of foundries” Foxconn has also begun to build cars behind closed doors

Speaking of Foxconn, everyone must be familiar with it. As the leader of the domestic foundry, it not only has a big tone, but also has a strong ability. By making a lot of money as a foundry for Apple, it can be called the “king” of the foundry. However, in recent years, with the decrease in sales of electronic products and the impact of labor costs and the epidemic, Foxconn’s glorious record in the past has also begun to decline.

At the most glorious moment of Foxconn, its founder once threatened that “the mainland cannot do without Foxconn, and he is the one who treats the Chinese people with food . ” It was one of the most profitable companies in China at that time. The founder Guo Taiming also co-founded the foundry project in the United States with former US President Trump.

The sweetness is too much, and the bitterness should also be eaten. Today’s Foxconn has exhausted the dividends of the times . Simple manufacturing and processing can no longer adapt to the development of today’s society. The increase in manufacturing costs and automated production technology are all suppressing Foxconn.

As a result, Foxconn began to look for an opportunity to turn around, and this opportunity was to build a car.

1. Foxconn really built the car

Recently, the chairman of Foxconn, 72-year-old Terry Gou, who has not been seen for a long time, personally drove a red Model B on his birthday on the Hon Hai Day of the group.

This Model B isn’t the first car Foxconn has built. Last year, Foxconn released two different models, Model C and Model V. In terms of names, these cars seem to be suspected of touching Tesla, but these cars are indeed self-produced by Foxconn.

In fact, the idea of ​​Foxconn to build a car was not raised recently. Many years ago, Terry Gou, founder and former chairman of Foxconn, said at an internal meeting: “Apple cars are just iPhones with four wheels. Since we can build iPhones, why can’t we build electric cars?”

So, in the past few years Foxconn really built the car.

The Model B just unveiled this year is the best response to the market. From this model, Foxconn’s car manufacturing level has also been demonstrated.

The front face of Model B adopts the popular through-type light strip design, and the middle position is occupied by the brand LOGO that can be lit. At the same time, the new car adopts split headlights, and the internal shape of the light group is the same as that of the lower grille, both of which are in the gradient lattice style. And this kind of design style, the comments of netizens are mixed.

From the side, the overall design of the new car is easily reminiscent of the Volkswagen ID.3, especially the dot-matrix design behind the C-pillar, the taste of reference is very obvious. However, the bright spot is that the new car also uses a camera exterior mirror, but due to current regulatory requirements, this design should not be the final production version. At the same time, the new car also uses low wind resistance rims, and there are ventilation holes on the fenders, creating a good sports atmosphere.

The three previously released cars, Model C, Model E and electric bus Model T, have also been controversial because of their similar naming to Tesla.

Among the four models launched by Foxconn today, the first mass-produced model is the Model B, which was just released this year. Perhaps this is a decision made due to the current market environment and its own R&D and manufacturing strength. After all, the current main models of many new car-making forces are still low-end scooters, and hatchback cars are relatively less difficult in the R&D and manufacturing process, and they can be introduced to the market faster. more obvious.

2. Why does Foxconn build cars?

First of all, we must know that Foxconn is also an enterprise, and the ultimate goal of the enterprise is to make profits, and Foxconn simply wants to make a profit. Because it wants to make more money, it chooses to build a car.

There are so many profitable industries, why did Foxconn choose to build cars? The original words of the chairman of Foxconn were like this: “Apple cars are just iPhones with four wheels. Since we can build iPhones, why can’t we build electric cars?”

In essence, this sentence is not divorced from Foxconn’s main business. Foxconn used to do OEM for Apple mobile phones. If Apple does not ask us to make mobile phones in the future, then we can also process cars for Apple. Therefore, Foxconn wants to build a real car to show its strength, to explain to major brands: I can build a car with Foxconn, and you can give us Foxconn to do it if you have an order in the future.

Of course, this is just a joking explanation. Foxconn chose to build cars because it is a new business opportunity, and there will be great development in the future. This can be proved from the actions of these Internet giants: Baidu, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and Huawei are all building cars, even DJI is building cars, and Apple has been researching its own new energy vehicles.

Then there is the support of policies. New energy is a major strategy for overtaking on corners in my country, and future development must be fully supported.

Of course, the main reason why Foxconn chooses to build cars is because of limited development.

In recent years of development, the relationship between Foxconn and Apple has not been as good as before. In order to suppress Foxconn, Apple began to distribute orders to Pegatron, Luxshare, Wistron and other major foundries, and continued to support other foundries. grow.

On the other hand, as smartphone sales fall, Apple can’t sell it itself, and Foxconn makes less and less money. Although Foxconn handed over an 8% increase in revenue and net profit in the first half of this year, its performance growth mainly came from cloud network products and computer terminal products.

So Foxconn had to find new profit points to balance its revenue and expenditure.

3. Building a car also needs to be “hard on its own”

Foxconn has not received any big orders since it announced the manufacture of cars, and it has nothing to do with iron partners. This can’t help but cause everyone to question why Foxconn also has funds, manpower, and factories, but it still hasn’t developed into its former glory.

The reason is actually that Foxconn still does not have core technology. Foxconn’s so-called accumulation in the automotive industry is only manufacturing, investment and acquisition, and it has not touched the technical level of car manufacturing at all.

What Foxconn does for Tesla is also the central control touch screen and connectors, and what it does for BMW is also the entertainment equipment and electronic equipment in the car. To put it bluntly, this is still the same business as before – assembling digital products, but the scene has changed from mobile phones to cars.

Even when his new car was released, he mentioned the technology hastily, without detailing it in the slightest. The appearance of its newly released Model B is too similar to that of Volkswagen, and its performance such as 100-kilometer acceleration and pure electric cruising range has no bright spots in its peers.

Even the name is imitated Tesla, and even Liu Yangwei said bluntly: “Foxconn and Tesla are not competitors, and I hope that one day they can help Tesla build cars.” But Tesla has its own car manufacturing factory, which will be used for a while. Still can’t use Foxconn.

Moreover, when Apple Cars was looking for a partner before, it did not choose Foxconn, an old friend, but set its sights on vehicle manufacturers such as Hyundai and Toyota. Moreover, the domestically produced NIO car is also directly looking for a traditional car company such as JAC, and did not choose Foxconn.

At the level of car-making technology, Foxconn does not seem to be so concerned. After Foxconn announced the manufacture of cars, it did not invest much in the field of car manufacturing. Some people roughly calculated that Foxconn currently spends more than 5 billion on car building, but has spent 47.6 billion on financial products.

With such a car-making attitude, it is natural to fail to get an order.


Although the car has been built, Foxconn still has a long way to go. Blacksmithing also needs to be hard on its own. If Foxconn cannot break through technical barriers, then its road to car building will be full of thorns.