“The Flower of Fortune in the World” Jing Tian, ​​wearing a V-neck dress is fresh and refined, gentle and pleasant

After all, Jing Tian has the title of “flower of wealth in the world”, so every time she looks bright and moving, people are more beautiful than flowers. Wearing a V-neck dress, fresh and refined, gentle and pleasant. You can feel the temperament of “Elegant Miss” through the screen.

I saw that she was wearing a white gauze V-neck dress that showed her graceful figure. The exquisite V-neck design had a different romantic feeling. The killing skirt itself seemed more fairy-like, and the design of the neckline made her look more immortal. This body is elegant and sexy, and it is quite easy for the fair-skinned Jing Tian to control such a high-end dress.

White tulle is sexy and dreamy. Combining it with a suspender will make it more delicate and feminine. Combined with the waist design, it can outline a slender waist. , red lips + makeup, the big sweetness in front of her looks like a fairy descending to earth, and it is too beautiful.

The freshness of the white dress is outstanding, and the dress also combines a personalized V-neck + suspender cut. Using this fashionable concave shape of the dress is also very conducive to modifying the proportions of the body, showing a good figure, which is really delicate.

A white dress is an eternal classic. Every time female stars want to try this fashionable white dress in an event, when Reba chooses the concave shape of this white dress, it can also show her perfect figure. The suspenders and bright diamond elements are also very delicate.

Wearing a dress with a pleated skirt further shows her beauty. With earrings and black hair, the whole person looks very elegant and delicate. Embellishing with these jewelry can also make this body look more delicate.

The matching of the white dress is fresh and sweet, which can show her girlishness, and the simple suspender design will show the line of slender collarbone + right-angled shoulders.

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