The five most outrageous attackers in “Pokémon”, Cang Xiang’s battle is too supermodel and real hammer!

In Pokémon battles, there are only two output values, one is physical attack (official name is attack), and the other is special attack, and physical attack is often affected by characteristics such as intimidation in the battle, so the basis of physical attack is high. The number of Pokémon is actually more than that of Pokémon with a high attack base. A Pokémon’s physical attack level is often determined by the characteristics and the influence of the moves that can be learned. However, in this article, we will Just look at the numbers, let’s take a look at the batch of Pokemon with the highest physical attack so far, and see if there are supermodels among them. Well, in fact, the title has already explained everything, let’s take a look together.

PS: The ranking is in no order; this article may not have much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 Paper Yujian

At present, the top ranking is Zhi Yujian, which is also grass steel, but Zhi Yujian does not lie flat as a shield like Nut Dumbbell, but walks to output, it is currently the highest basic attack value, and the attack value It has reached 181. If it is improved with the characteristic alien beast, then the harvested Zhi Yujian can further increase its physical attack to achieve a terrible output blasting effect. The basic output ability of Zhi Yujian is very high, so in the environment There are many players who use it, and the dual output alone can produce good results.

NO.2 Cang Sound (King of Swords), Dark Kyurem

Then there are Cang Ring and Dark Kyurem. Putting these two together, it is reasonable to have a higher basic attack as a first-level god. Well, this is for Dark Kyurem. The basic physical attack has reached 170, but you must know that Cang Xiang’s characteristic is the sword of indomitable, this characteristic will increase the physical attack for no reason. From this point of view, the basic physical attack of Cang Xiang is not only the only 170, can surpass Zhi Yujian to reach the first place, it can be seen how supermodel, Zhi Yujian also needs conditional trigger characteristics.

NO.3 King Lei Guan (the appearance of riding a white horse)

The third place is Lei Guanwang of the white horse. The racial value of Lei Guanwang after riding a horse will be greatly improved, and the white horse Lei Guanwang is the output of the attack, and because of the effect of the white horse, it is also a typical way to harvest and strengthen himself. For example, its basic attack reached 165, which is also a very high value. If you cooperate with your teammates to complete the harvest, the enhanced basic output is also very terrible. It is not difficult to understand why Leiguan Wang is also so high The usage rate is high, and it can become the core of the team at every turn.

NO.4 Dharma Baboon

In fact, all Dharma baboons have very terrifying output. The basic attack and coordination characteristics of ordinary Dharma baboons are unbelievably high. The ordinary form of Galer Dharma baboons is one-sided. , which is equivalent to bringing its own bricks, and the physical attack itself has a natural bonus, while the Galer Dharma Baboon in the form of Dharma still takes the route of the object attack, and its object attack base is 160, it can be said that the Dharma Baboon This one is mainly based on output, and if you can output output, you can bring benefits.

Well, the above is the ceiling of the physical attack value that Xiao Er will introduce this time. Needless to say, who is the most supermodel, it is the one with the sword in his mouth.