The first watch in autumn

In the blink of an eye, autumn has come, and as the temperature drops, everyone’s style of dressing is also changing. It should be simple, but also layered. A versatile and eye-catching watch is of course essential. Omega Seamaster series, because of its classic shape and practical functions, is loved by many watch lovers, and it has also become the best choice for autumn wear. Today, let’s take a look at the first watch in autumn. Which seahorse did everyone choose?


Green horse in hand, unhindered

Table owner: dejavu-u

Highlights : I originally booked the Haima 300m diving watch with a green plate and steel strap at the counter. Later, the counter called and said that a piece of tape would come first, and asked me if I needed to change it to a tape model, considering that my steel strap watch is quite More, I agreed. The original intention of buying this watch is mainly to have a good luck. After all, the “green horse” is in hand, and it has a good meaning. And the green of the dial is low-key and unobtrusive, and there is no sense of disobedience with formal clothes. The luminous light is very powerful and it is worth starting.


The seahorse that grew up with me

Table owner: Picking up the table life

Highlights : This Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Master Observatory America’s Cup Limited Edition has been worn for some days. Let me briefly describe your wearing experience. Overall, I like it very much, my 19.5 cm wrist is just right. The dial is well polished as a whole, and the luminous light is also very “explosive”. The baked blue hands in the dial are my favorite. I hope to see more hippocampus watch owners show off their favorite watches in the Watch House Forum, and I also hope that in the future, I can buy the hippocampus 6000m diving watch. I wear a watch because I like the feeling of weight.


my commuter friend

Owner: JoeFreeman1101

Highlights : Even wearing other watches, I have been shutting down Omega, and I have a special personal preference for Omega. The hippocampus 300 watch has been paying attention after upgrading the 8912 movement. From the perspective of daily commuting, it has accurate travel time, screw-in 300-meter water resistance, and the same anti-magnetic effect as open and hanging. The strap is playable, and the steel strap and belt are all versatile. The retro design is in my aesthetic category. My wrist circumference of 17 cm and a watch diameter of 41 mm tend to be perfect for me. In short, commuting is particularly exciting!


Ten Days Talk on the Sea Horse

Table owner: 33# owner

Highlights : It has been 10 days since the arrival of the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m watch. After changing the strap recently, you can now wear it comfortably. Take the time to write about the wearing experience. I am a financial migrant worker, mainly working in the office, and sometimes visiting clients. I have been paying attention to the watch all the time. In the past two weeks, I saw the green dial of this Aqua Terra 150m watch from Omega. To summarize the reasons why I bought it, the first is the high brand recognition, the second is the stable movement of the movement, and the third is the style is versatile, which is very suitable for my work environment and occasions.


The seahorse is by my side

Watch owner: Sprite lovers

Highlights : The electronic watch that I have been wearing before, I want to change the style when I get older, so I want to buy a sports watch to facilitate commuting. I am relatively tall, with a wrist circumference of 19.5 cm. I have been exercising for more than three years, and my body is relatively strong. After some comparisons, I finally chose the Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600m Master Chronometer. Both my parents wore Omegas, so I have a preference for this brand. The second is that this watch is waterproof, shock-resistant, anti-magnetic and accurate, which meets my requirements for a tool watch. The style chooses the steel belt black plate model. The 8900 movement is stable and strong, and you can watch and relieve boredom when you have a transparent bottom.

If you are still stuck in the trouble of wanting to buy a hippocampus but don’t know which style to buy, I hope that reading the above watch friends’ homework can help you. Taking advantage of this beautiful golden autumn and October, quickly show off the most dazzling watch on your wrist!