The first three quarters of Kesi Technology’s revenue were 179 million yuan, and R&D expenses accounted for more than 80% of the revenue.

On the evening of October 28, Kesi Technology (688788) released the third quarterly report for 2022. The company achieved operating income of 179 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2022, of which the revenue in the third quarter was 61.9406 million yuan.

Kesi Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of electronic information equipment. It is committed to the research and development of electronic information equipment. It has continued to invest in research and development in the fields of chemical technology, chip design, communication, especially wireless communication, and has accumulated core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in information processing, data transmission, data management, data storage, wireless communication, etc., with chips, equipment, and systems. and other electronic information equipment product development capabilities.

At present, Kesi Technology’s products are mainly a series of information equipment such as command and control information processing equipment, software radar information processing equipment, portable wireless command terminals, and other information processing terminals. The application fields involve command and control, communication, chemical defense, surveying and mapping, weather, etc. The company’s command and control information processing equipment and software radar information processing equipment are an important part of the industry’s information system.

Recently, Kesi Technology stated at the semi-annual performance briefing that the company’s self-developed intelligent wireless communication chip has been successfully taped out, and its completed test results have achieved the expected results. Research and development are also advancing at full speed, and at the same time are actively promoting applications.

According to reports, the intelligent wireless communication baseband chip of Kesi Technology can be used in handheld, vehicle, ship, air, bomb and other fields, and may become one of the company’s main business income sources. At the same time, the company’s second-generation chip is expected to complete the development work next year, and plans to tape out in the second half of the year. In the development process of the next generation, not only chips but also equipment are used, and the company is working hard to promote it.

According to the third quarterly report, the research and development expenses of Kesi Technology in the first three quarters reached 145 million yuan, and the total research and development expenses accounted for more than 80% of the operating income. In fact, Kesi Technology has been quite generous in R&D expenses. From 2019 to 2021, the company’s R&D expenses were 118 million yuan, 182 million yuan, and 199 million yuan respectively.

“In the medium and long term, as a R&D-driven enterprise, the company has always been based on the application needs in the field of information-based warfare, focusing on the needs of the end customer’s equipment transformation and upgrading, and cooperating with the customer’s system transformation and upgrading, and continuously increasing its investment in information processing equipment, fire control equipment, etc. Investment in key fields such as systems, chips and intelligent wireless communication systems, next-generation command hardware equipment and supporting software, and intelligent equipment, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of sub-systems, strengthen the research and development and application of related products such as intelligent AI and wireless communication, and continue to improve The technical content and quality of the products, improve the product support capability of the industry equipment, and strive to undertake more research and installation tasks of information-based equipment in the future, meet customer needs with high-quality products and services, and contribute to the cause of national defense modernization. Cisco Technologies said.