The first test is a mobile game that respects and pleases the players. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it.

Although the first online 1,000-player test has ended, the discussion on the Internet about the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has just begun.

As the dark horse-level game that has attracted the most attention from players this year, NetEase’s “Adverse Water Cold” mobile game has been on the “cusp” of public opinion for a long time. What has caused players to argue wildly is the game’s meticulous display beyond the current era, the martial arts open world attempt to break through the boundaries of traditional MMOs, the official’s unabashed comments on the game industry and reflections on themselves, and the unrestrained nature of the game. Design and rather “magic” imagination…

All in all, it is a product that stands between tradition and innovation, bears many expectations and bears many doubts.

Even the players who optimistically imagined the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” did not take the official propaganda’s rhetoric of “making MMO great again and leading the development of role-playing games in the next ten years” completely true. After all, these words are too empty. , seems too idealistic. When the first test of the game really started, many players realized what kind of mobile game they were facing.

Although limited by the model of the mobile phone, the model of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is slightly thin, but its picture performance has reached a level that many end-game games can’t match.

Although “returning the magic to the rivers and lakes” is temporarily manifested in the players’ exploration and acquisition of many rivers and lakes exploration skills, but the gameplay that contains the five elements and the interaction mechanism and is highly integrated with the environmental elements can still surprise many players.

Although many players have been forced to “connect the liver for 10 hours” because of the short first test time, the rich gameplay content still leaves many people unsatisfied, and they are still reluctant to part with the game even after the server is closed…

It is not difficult to see from the TAPTAP score that did not drop but rise after the game test, as well as the players’ active interaction and crazy second creation. For the vast majority of players who participated in the “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game, the surprises brought by the game are all greater than one’s expectations.

At the same time, some “brainless questioning” voices also appeared. Some people just watched some clips of the live broadcast and accused the actual gameplay content of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” still far from the official expectations. It seems that it is still ten A few years ago, there was no progress in the style of MMO; some people criticized the game developers because of the “barrage shooting”-like gameplay mode in the copy of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, thinking it was “pure”. “Trash gameplay” is to force the handicapped players to be difficult; some people simply think that other people have more praise for the “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game, and they take it for granted that they need to give a low score to “balance” it.

It seems that there are always people who want to use different remarks to prove that they are superior or have unique eyes.

In all fairness, the high requirements for a game can certainly “wake the alarm” for the development team, but if a player is too selfish, he is only willing to stick to his own ideas and turn a blind eye to the demands of others, this “appeal” is also “smearing” “Not much difference.

As an entertainment product for mass players, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has been respecting and pleasing the needs of players as much as possible. Even in the first test version with only 76% of the research and development progress, it is obvious that the developers are doing their best to improve the compound entertainment of the game, and try their best to allow players with different preferences and levels to find their own entertainment methods. Under the pressure of “stitching monsters”, many under-appreciated but extremely interesting gameplay contents were incorporated into the game, waiting patiently for players to discover them, and smiled knowingly.

In a sense, game players are “educated” by the game content itself. The most surprising thing about the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is that it provides players with a lot of possibilities, allowing players to discover what they like. If you think traditional MMOs are boring, maybe you prefer to explore the world, interact with NPCs, and watch the stories that happen in the game. Some people feel that the fusion of “unknown” gameplay often makes another group of players happy. And the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is just silently improving everything, so as to satisfy as many users as possible.

For such a game, we should give it more time, instead of just bashing it on our own whim, don’t you think?