The first round of financing of 300 million US dollars, what is the origin of the long-distance car?

Yinshan Capital led the investment, a big step for Geely Commercial Vehicles.

In fact, in addition to passenger cars, commercial vehicles are also a very important market. Regardless of new energy or intelligence, in a sense, commercial vehicles may advance faster than passenger cars. On October 26, Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group’s brand, Yuanyuan Automobile, announced the completion of its Pre-A round of financing, with a financing amount exceeding US$300 million. It is reported that this round of financing was led by GLP’s Hidden Mountain Capital, with investors including Transfar, CITIC Securities Investment, Hunan Xiangtan Industrial Fund, GLy Capital, Mirae Asset and many other strategic investors and well-known investment institutions.

Why do commercial vehicles need more “carbon neutrality”?

“Carbon neutrality” is a long-term strategy that emphasizes “addition and subtraction”. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase the proportion of green energy supply, and on the other hand, it is necessary to reduce the way of generating carbon emissions. The characteristics of commercial vehicles are: 1. They play a key role and carry the foundation of social and economic operation. Imagine that during the epidemic, logistics is blocked. Is it very inconvenient for you to buy things online? 2. The whole vehicle is generally relatively large and consumes a lot of energy; 3. The driving mileage is relatively long, and the carbon emission in the whole life cycle is relatively high. From the perspective of Yuanyuan Automobile, they are not only a commercial vehicle company, but also a new energy vehicle company. Announced at the same time as the financing information is their carbon neutrality plan: 2025, to achieve operational carbon neutrality; 2030, to achieve full life cycle carbon neutrality.

To this end, Yuanyuan Automobile has established a new energy commercial vehicle research institute, focusing on the development of new energy and intelligent technology for commercial vehicles, and has successively created three market ecological platforms: Green Wisdom, All Things Friendship and Sunshine Mingdao, to jointly improve smart green Capacity service network. This time, Yinshan Capital, the lead investor, has taken a fancy to the urban distribution logistics and cold chain application scenarios of new energy commercial vehicles. It can rely on GLP’s logistics and warehousing infrastructure in 70 regional markets in China and more than 400 logistics and warehousing infrastructure to help remote vehicles in sales. Continued empowerment in leasing, promotion of cold chain vehicles and exploration of new business models.

Can long-distance vehicles lead new energy commercial vehicles?

As the saying goes, “success depends on the trend”. Long-distance vehicles cut into the new energy commercial vehicle track, which can be regarded as the next trend. At the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition in Germany in September this year, we can see that new energy heavy trucks have become an important force for global commercial vehicle giants. Some major international manufacturers have also begun to promote the domestic production of commercial vehicles in the Chinese market. For example, in September, the domestically produced Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor officially rolled off the production line in the new Foton Daimler plant, and the domestic commercial vehicle projects of Volvo and Scania will also be launched. Get on the horse soon.

Opportunities are at hand, the commercial vehicle market is growing, and new energy commercial vehicles have more potential. Based on the judgment of the general trend of the industry, Yuanyuan Automobile quickly entered the new energy commercial vehicle track with the help of Geely Group’s accumulation in the fields of three electric power, communication system, intelligent driving system and cockpit. The differentiation advantage of self-owned brands avoids the excessive squeeze of the market space of independent brands.

Now that you know the direction, run fast. From January to September this year, Yuanyuan Automobile won the first place in the field of new energy commercial vehicles. Especially in the new energy logistics vehicle segment, the market share of long-distance vehicles in September reached 19.58%. The market volume of new energy commercial vehicles is not large, and it is more worth looking forward to occupying a place in advance.

The author of this article is Cao An of the kicking car gang