The first iPhone 14 PM will be shipped today! Waiting for 42 innocent resentments

Zhongguancun Online News : On October 28, according to relevant reports, the supply cycle of the iPhone 14 Pro was extended again. Some users said that their first order for the iPhone 14 Pro Max was just shipped yesterday, starting from the date of purchase on September 16. It’s been a full 42 days. The user purchased the iPhone 14 Pro Max Dark Night Purple 256GB, which cost 9899 yuan. Apple has successfully dragged it to Double 11, and the Double 11 iPhone14 series is not sold at the official original price. All iPhone14 series have discounts ranging from 350-550 yuan.

It is reported that although the iPhone 14 was in short supply when it was first released, the iPhone 14 Pro series was sold at a price increase of 1500-2000 in the third-party market, but the duration was very short, and the price increase is now very small. Moreover, according to the popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple has adjusted the production proportion of the iPhone 14 series, increasing the proportion of the iPhone 14 Pro series from 50% to 60%. Let’s look forward to it together!