The first exposure of the skin of Shield Mountain Aerospace, the sales of the golden Sagittarius broke the table, and the cat and dog diary reserved the places in the fragment mall

Text丨The King Pepper Original

At the opening of the 29th anniversary, King of Glory revealed a new skin. This new skin is the aerospace linkage skin of Dunshan. This skin has officially started preheating, and it is not far from the launch. Little Pepper estimates that this skin will be launched next week. The quality of the skin is epic, and there seems to be a 178-point coupon, which is relatively friendly for Shield Mountain players who want to start.

In addition, the mystery store event also started on the 29th. This time, the highest-selling skin in the mystery store is said to be Hou Yi’s golden Sagittarius, and the sales volume is much higher than that of Diaochan’s cat shadow. Then there is the skin of Sun Ce’s Cat and Dog Diary, which is likely to be added to this year’s Fragment Mall . Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

The first exposure of shield mountain aerospace linkage skin

The three skins announced at the game conference in June are now only the aerospace linkage skin of Dunshan. This skin was officially released on the anniversary of the warm-up video, and the general image of this skin was exposed. As shown in the picture below, in the picture, there are two solar panels on the top of the shield mountain, and two jet engines on the shoulders. It looks like a robot. The skin calls me dreamy stars, and the quality is epic. After breaking the news, there is no problem with the authenticity of the news. The special effects of the skin are said to be very good. Shield Mountain players can look forward to it.

The launch time of the skin has not yet been determined, but according to the official practice, since it has been warmed up now, this skin will be launched within a week at the latest. As the first advanced skin of Shield Mountain, I believe that many players will start, this skin also has a coupon of 178 coupons.

Golden Sagittarius Sales Explosive

The anniversary mystery store event was also launched on the 29th. It seems that this time the mystery store event is mostly 40% off. The 50% and 30% discounts are not much, and the 40% discount is relatively good. It’s more cost-effective. Legend has it that the skins only cost a little over 1,000 coupons. This time, the only skins added to the mystery shop are Houyi’s Golden Sagittarius and Diaochan’s Cat Shadow.

Among them, the skin of Houyi is newly added this time. It is the first time to join the mysterious store, so this skin has the highest sales volume. Many Houyi players have taken advantage of this mysterious store to buy this skin. In contrast to the legend of Diaochan, almost no one buys it, unless it is a 50% discount, it is normal that no one buys this skin of Diaochan. After all, it is a sure thing to meet Hu Xuan’s return.

There is also a Sun Shangxiang’s Lover of Time, which is also the first time to join the mystery store. It is quite surprising that this skin has been added to the mystery store. After all, Sun Shangxiang’s popularity is not low. Of course, it may also be because of the return of the otherworldly spirit contract. The reason is that the current number of votes for the spirit contract of the other world is third, and there should be no problem in returning to the field.

Cat and Dog Diary Pre-order Fragment Mall

Players who log in to the game on the 29th can receive a random treasure chest with epic skins. The treasure chests are divided into red and blue. The representative skins inside are A Ke’s Rhythm Heat Wave and Sun Ce’s Cat and Dog Diary. Why are these two skins representative skins? , because the skins in the red and blue treasure chests, except for these two, are regulars in the skin fragment mall.

The probability of opening these two skins this time is still relatively high, there is a 10% probability, this probability is not low, and if you already own other skins in the treasure chest, you can definitely open the skins you do not own. , so this time many players got Sun Ce’s cat and dog diary or A Ke’s rhythm heat wave.

And it is precisely because of this that these two skins are very likely to be added to this year’s skin fragment mall. In December this year, skin fragments will add a new skin, either Sun Ce’s cat and dog diary, or Ake’s rhythm heat wave.

Little Chili has something to say

Although Dunshan’s aerospace skin special effects have not been revealed yet, Xiao Chili guesses that the special effects quality of this skin will definitely be very high, because the official style is that the skin quality of unpopular heroes is high, and the skin quality of popular heroes is average.