The first Chongqing-Guangzhou Cooperation Vocational Skills Competition was held in Guang’an

On October 26, the 1st Shuangcheng Economic Circle·Chongqing-Guangzhou Cooperation Vocational Skills Competition and the 4th “Xiaoping Hometown Craftsman Cup” Skills Competition for Internet Marketers and Supply Chain Managers were held at Guang’an Vocational and Technical College.

At the scene of the competition that day, 20 players competed on the same stage and competed for more than 3 hours. The simulation scenario of the Internet Marketer competition is that a fruit and vegetable store will launch a live broadcast promotion for its anniversary, and the contestants will make live broadcast planning and live broadcast sales around 5 types of fruits and vegetables. The Supply Chain Manager competition simulates a manufacturing enterprise that needs to maximize its profits within one year. The contestants need to start from all aspects of the enterprise’s supply chain, such as production, transportation, and sales, and conduct a series of operation management for the enterprise.

“The competition closely follows the new trend of employment development, focuses on new occupations, introduces real cases of enterprises, and comprehensively examines the core professional skills of the players’ analysis, planning, management, operation and implementation, which better shows the professionalism of the contestants.” Guang’an Career Zhang Hao, director of the e-commerce logistics teaching and research section of the Technical College, provided technical support for the competition. He said that Internet marketers and supply chain managers are new competitions and new types of work, and they are talents in short supply in the market. The school keeps pace with the times and offers majors such as e-commerce and modern logistics management. “This competition has achieved the purpose of promoting education through competition, deepened school-local cooperation, and promoted the construction of new professional talent teams.”

It is reported that the competition is sponsored by Guang’an Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Chongqing Yubei District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The competition will be held from October 18 to November 4. The competition items are divided into fitter, vehicle maintenance (fault diagnosis), Internet marketer, courier, supply chain manager, Chinese cook, restaurant waiter, beauty, hairdresser, steel worker, electrician 11 types of work.

According to reports, this competition has attracted young people from Chongqing and Guangzhou to participate, and outstanding players who meet the conditions in the competition can also be promoted to the corresponding professional level according to regulations. At the same time, this competition also promotes the exchange and coordinated development of skilled talents in the Chongqing-Guangzhou region, which will better provide talent support for the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

Source: Guang’an Vocational and Technical College