The finale of the World Cup KPL selection, AG got on the last train, it’s a pity that eStar and DRG are absent

The finale of the World Cup KPL selection, AG got on the last train, it’s a pity that eStar and DRG are absent

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On November 21, the remaining three places in the World Cup KPL trials will be determined. Therefore, the competition on this day was very fierce! Before the 21st, except for LGD, the other seven teams will have the opportunity to compete for the three main draw spots!

In the end, RW Man used two wins and a draw on the last day of the game to successfully move from last place to second place and get a promotion spot! And AG Super Play will once again be at the end, and finally catch the last train without any danger!

The opponent in the last game of the AG Super Play Club is Hero Jiujing who has already advanced. In this game, AG will be out as long as they tie! In the first game, the cat god Taiyi Zhenren flashed and blasted Kafenni. Yinuo Tili kept up with the output, and was finally killed by a thunderbolt from Changsheng. First blood broke out, but Hero Bell Lilian went around and harvested Taiyi Zhenren. Stop losses promptly.

At four minutes and forty seconds, Hero Jiujing took over the first little tyrant. At seven minutes and forty seconds, Hero Jiujing made an ambush, and Lillian, the bell, flashed twice to take control, taking away the two AG super players. At nine minutes, Zhongyi Zuka burst into a set of output and instantly melted Kafeni, while Yinotili’s output was full and strengthened the basic attack to take away Airi. At 11 minutes and 30 seconds, Bell Lilian’s damage explosion destroyed Zuka instantly, and then Hero Jiujing killed Lian Po again, breaking the crystals in one wave, and won the first victory!

In the second game, both sides developed independently at the beginning, and there was no head-on blowout. At two minutes and thirty seconds, Bell Wang Zhaojun forced Lilian away. Zhong Yijing entered the field and dealt full damage to the two opponents with his big move in an instant. Then he turned around and took away Xiahou Dun. At nine minutes and thirty seconds, Cat God Langbo struck Fei Tili with a powerful blitz, and then Yi Nuo and Li Yuanfang maimed her with a set of damage. Xiahoudun stepped forward to resist the damage but fell among the crowd.

At 11 minutes and 25 seconds, Lilian’s second flash controlled the two opponents, and then the output of Yinuo Li Yuanfang and Zhong Yijing exploded, killing the two opponents in seconds, but Jing was also terminated by Jiuku Anette due to too many towers. Fourteen minutes later, a decisive battle broke out between the two sides. AG Super Play would damage the explosive team and destroy Hero Jiujing, breaking the crystals in one wave and equalizing the score!

As AG Super Play tied with Hero Jiujing, all 7 places for the KPL Division Selection Tournament of this World Cup have been determined! They are: Wolves, TTG, WB, KSG, Hero Jiujing, AG Super Play Club and RW Man!

After reading the names of the 7 teams, many netizens said that they always felt like something was missing! Yes, eStar and DRG are missing. Although it is a pity, e-sports competitions are so cruel, whoever can do it will win! We look forward to the seven KPL teams performing well in the World Cup!