The finale of The Sun Is With Me: How to keep your husband from cheating? Liang Shanshan and Jian Bing’s different approaches reveal the key

The finale of The Sun Is With Me: How to keep your husband from cheating? Liang Shanshan and Jian Bing’s different approaches reveal the key points

The finale of “The Sun Is With Me” can be said to be full of joy for everyone.

Song Chen successfully confessed to Pan Rou, but Hao Junjie decided not to study abroad for Jian Shuang. Fang Mu and the new female teacher in the school have a mutual affection for each other.

Then, at the award ceremony for Shengyang Advertising, all the CPs kissed sweetly, and only the scene of Jian Bing and Shengyang was not played!

What’s interesting is that since getting together with Liang Shanshan, Xue Yiming seems to have changed his ways and no longer flirts with women.

Is it because Liang Shanshan knows the art of charioteer better than Jian Bing?

The reason is not entirely true.


Jian Bing has always been aware of Xue Yiming’s betrayal, and was able to control her emotions even when they met him face to face.

It can be inferred from this that Jian Bing never explicitly asked Xue Yiming to control his belt.

Instead, he waited until he couldn’t bear it any more and then divorced Xue Yiming directly.

Not long after Liang Shanshan got together with Xue Yiming, she said that you can only have me in the future.

Xue Yiming was forced to delete those ambiguous female friends on his mobile phone. At the same time, Liang Shanshan also promised not to contact ambiguous people.

This approach does have a certain effect.

But if Xue Yiming deliberately lied, he actually still had ways to contact other women, such as buying another mobile phone.

Therefore, what made Xue Yiming change his ways was not Jian Bing and Liang Shanshan’s husband-keeping skills.

If a man wants to have an affair, it is actually difficult for his wife to really control him and stop him.

So why would Xue Yiming consciously be loyal to Liang Shanshan?


This requires analyzing Xue Yiming’s own mentality when he was with Jian Bing and Liang Shanshan.

Before divorcing Jian Bing, Xue Yiming was already about 40 years old. In his career, he had become the CEO of an advertising company and a very important director in the industry. However, he had to nod and bow to the advertising client every day to make smiles, so Xue Yiming was exhausted both physically and mentally and felt a mid-life crisis.

The fatigue of middle age made him want to find an outlet and seek excitement, and women became his stimulant.

During his showdown with Jian Bing, he also mentioned the cause of the midlife crisis.

Of course, this is not to whitewash him. Cheating is wrong no matter what the reason.

And when he and Liang Shanshan were together, perhaps stimulated and driven by Jian Bing’s finding Sheng Yang, who was 10 years younger, Xue Yiming also regained his youthful enthusiasm.

When Party A made rude remarks to Jian Bing, although Sheng Yang retorted first, it was Xue Yiming who threw the first punch.

Even Sheng Yang said Xue Yiming was naive, how could he do it?

But for Xue Yiming, this fight was very enjoyable . It not only avenged Jian Bing, but also allowed him to regain his former passion and discover a new way to solve the mid-life crisis.

So, he decided to deviate from the norm and no longer follow the rules of being a company boss. He decided to resign and ride a motorcycle to Tibet to realize his wish.

In the finale, Xue Yiming came back from Tibet in a very energetic state, completely different from the greasy and depressed middle-aged boss before.

Now that he has an outlet for his crisis, he will naturally no longer get comfort from women, nor will he betray Liang Shanshan.

After analyzing so much, it is not to clear Xue Yiming’s name. His previous behavior of betraying Jian Bing was still scum.

But I want to say that whether a man cheats or not has nothing to do with his wife in many cases.

It’s not that the wife’s husband-keeping skills are not good, that she is too indulgent, or that the wife is not good at it.

Chen Yu wrote in “Don’t Marry Before 30″: ” A man who cheats has his own problems that need to be solved, but don’t let him use your time to solve these problems . You can only be with someone you can trust with your life. Men together.”

Isn’t that what “The Sun Is With Me” is like?

Jian Bing simply divorced and let Xue Yiming solve his problems by himself, thus meeting the little sun Shengyang.

May we all meet our own little sun~

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