The fifth time in the S12 semi-finals, the second consecutive LCK civil war, can you still achieve such a result?

LCK has not declined at all, and is even getting stronger and stronger. Instead, it is LPL. No matter how strong it is, it has to rely on Korean aid to win the championship. For two consecutive years, there have been three Korean teams in the top four. Of course, we can say that the strength of EDG’s championship last year is indeed full of gold, but LPL, after all, has to be considered from the overall competition area.

The LCK has young players who have performed well in every way, but the LPL seems to be a little out of touch.

The support position is especially obvious. Brother Yuanshen, Keria, Kellin, and Lehend are all quite versatile support players, and the LPL support can be obtained by Song Mingmei, no matter how long it is, Song Mingmei, and Xiaoming because the team has to only Hard support, the scene performance is even less versatile than other support players.

The teams going to the World Championships this year are all veterans. The younger generation is almost only rhubarb. JKL and the left-handed players are also Mesozoic players, and they are no longer among the newcomers.

Joker also said that if you want to win the championship, you have to buy foreign aid, and the All-China class is very difficult to win the championship. Foreign aid is relatively strong, and communication problems basically do not exist. The formation of the All-China class is more for commercial interests. Although it is difficult for the All-China class to win the championship, the influence brought by winning the championship is undoubtedly unprecedented.

Many times I really want to persuade many fans not to worry about whether it is an all-Chinese class or not. Many Korean aids who come to LPL to work hard also accompany LPL step by step, such as Doinb and Rookie, have they not played long enough?

Pulling away, turn back and say LCK. Since a large number of talents left the LPL, LCK has gradually established a system. For example, if the LPL wants to poach people, it must pay a higher transfer fee, and the rookie clause guarantees the number of starting games for newcomers, etc. The purpose is to keep newcomers in the league. In addition, the secondary league and the youth training system have also been strengthened. The most obvious is T1. Many T1s cannot become the starting members, and other teams are the starting level. This is the performance of cultivating newcomers down-to-earth.

As for LDL, it is very difficult to train new people… Environmental issues, everyone understands. lck is really declining in s8s9, s8 is old and old, and the dishes are in a typical “green and yellow” state, I really don’t know what I’m playing. The fundamental reason is that I have won too many times, and I have slackened internally, and I no longer have meritocracy. It is about human feelings and relationships, playing palace fights and sharing cakes. s9, they don’t believe in evil, they arrange and combine old things for a while to play battleships, and the result is the top four.

The dwg of the s10 corrected the lck with a legendary year and returned to the right track of speaking with strength. After all, the power of e-sports is still there.

This year, Ipl Jingdong is still there, and it cannot be said that there is no opportunity. It is just looking forward to the future, but it is not optimistic. Originally, our market was large, and we could continue to grow stronger by walking on two legs with internal training and external buyers. But after the ban on minors came down, basically one leg was broken, and I am afraid it will be lck in the future.

The LPL has indeed achieved remarkable results so far, with 3 championships in 4 years, but the 3 championships together cannot make up a complete Chinese lineup. The units in the three championships are all Koreans.

It can be said that if there are no Koreans, there will be no three S championships in the LPL. If you doubt this, just look at the results of the All-China class in the S competition in the past four years.

It was said before that the LCK was declining, and the reason was nothing more than the fact that the LCK first won few championships, and the second is that the well-known players were bought by the LPL. Every year, all members advance to the knockout rounds. Facing teams from other divisions and those famous players, there are more wins than losses.

In terms of top order, Zeus of T1, a 18-year-old rookie, is currently the world’s No. 1 top order. In the field of jungle, LCK’s wild-core play is unmatched in the world, and the film brother is also from LCK. None of the domestic players can understand the wild core.

In the middle unit, the LPL has been out of touch, and the only young players who can take it now are only the left-handed (the result is that they swam back to the top 16), and the LCK’s super-weixiu girl is the year of the game. In the next few years, the middle of the two divisions. The single gap will continue to grow.

Therefore, in the next few years, LPL will not be optimistic about facing LCK teams.

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