The fifth person, the evil lizard, appeared in a different way? Hold down for 140 seconds, and the IDENTITY character will stand up!

Players who follow the story of the fifth personality must be familiar with the characters of the IDENTITY series! These characters are generally the same person, who is represented in different periods. Currently, there are three pairs of characters in the IDENTITY series: the clown and the weeping clown, the lizard and the professor, and the novelist and the “nightmare”. It can be seen that the images of these characters are in the same line and their skills are implicitly connected, but in the end they are in different camps. Their confusing life experiences and experiences are intriguing, and they also bring them a different kind of charm.

On the second day of the fourth week of the regular season in the autumn season, Gr played against MRC. The IDENTITY series survival character of the evil lizard, the professor, made a surprise appearance. He restrained Gr_ppx’s unique skill in the arms factory for 140 seconds, and finally sacrificed himself to help the team win three games. . Why did the professor appear in this round? This has to start with the skills of this slightly unpopular Survivor.

The core skills of the professor revolve around the scales. After hardening, his scales can resist the damage of a normal attack and repel the supervisor, and this special item can be shared with teammates. In addition, the Professor has an additional Scale Skin that resists damage equal to or less than half of the Hunter’s normal attack. At first glance, the skills taught are powerful, providing stable control while actively defending against damage. However, Professor’s scale hardening lasts only one second, which is a test of the timing of release. The longer CD time also makes its skill fault-tolerant rate lower, so it is relatively rare on the field.

At the beginning of this game, MRC took out the professor to face Gr_ppx’s Bangbang, which seemed to be premeditated. Looking deeper, the professor’s grasp is not without tactical significance. First, the ability of the professor’s scales to stably resist 0.25 damage is very suitable for dealing with Bangbang bombs; secondly, the rhythm of Bangbang’s chair is very important. The professor can make all teammates rescue with scales, and the success rate is high. improve. Now, let us follow the replay perspective of this game to see the wonderful performance of the professor.

At the beginning, Bang Bang Dafang chases the professor, and the professor brings the dancer into the slow music box area of ​​the dancer to delay, and the scale skin resists the bomb damage during the period. Then the professor seduced behind the board. Bang Bang hit the hardened scales with his knife and was repelled. The professor successfully pulled away and brought him into the deceleration music box area again. Bang Bang was forced to destroy the music box and lost his vision. The dancer picks up the scales, and the professor is found and knocked down. After that, the forward dancer took turns to rescue and carry the injury, forcing Bangbang to change and delay the time. In the end, Bangbang ignored the dancer and planned to use the professor as a breakthrough.

Professor Erhang, the acrobat hit Bang Bang with an incendiary bomb, and he also put on hardened scales. Bang Bang was instantly misfired, and neither the basic attack nor the bomb could be delivered, and the survivors reached a four-person open-door battle. In the end, Bangbang left the professor alone, and three survivors came to the end.

Looking at the whole game, the professor and his teammates cooperated closely, and the hold time was as long as 140 seconds. Its tactical significance has also come into play: the scales can resist bomb damage, and the scales harden to repel the supervisor to widen the distance; at the same time, the teammates and their own scales keep the supervisor in a state of cautious game at any time, and every knife must consider the flywheel effect and The double threat of scale hardening; the last round of rescue is even more wonderful: incendiary ban skills, scale hardening directly block basic attacks in disguised form. It can be said that in the hands of Bang Bang, many rescues and an excellent rhythm can be played, and the credit of this game is none other than the professor.

After MRC selected the unpopular Survivor, MRC_XC lived up to expectations. The Witch of Dreams took control of the overall situation and won three catches. In the first game, 6:2 won a big score advantage. In the second round, when both supervisors chose spiders, MRC_XC held a splendid draw, and the MRC Survivor camp made three appearances again, which was exciting, and finally “off work early” and won seven consecutive victories.

As the commentary said, in MRC, the miracle team, we not only saw the upper limit of full operation, but also saw the lower limit of steady and close cooperation. I believe that the MRC with double limit and double height will definitely bring us more surprises!