The fifth master of 300 billion in Fantasy Westward Journey is born. Have you seen the necklace with added agility?

There is no wonder in the Three Realms. A young hero showed himself a level 100 necklace with 21 Agility. Have you ever seen such a necklace? Recently, Brother Gou’s Putuo Mountain finally reached 300 billion experience, which is also the fifth person in the current full server with 300 billion! More exciting content, just in today’s fantasy news!

new artifact

1. Shaoxing Jianhu was shocked to find 150 non-level three blue characters “Sword”

Recently, Fantasy Westward Journey gave birth to another super European emperor. He blasted out a 150 gradeless sword with three blue characters against the sky. This sword has a total injury of 670 at the beginning and is a national standard. Of course, it doesn’t matter if the damage is poor, as long as you bring the blue word of dream, it is the peerless magic weapon that X9 bosses dream of.

What’s more, it is still the three blue characters against the sky, and the special effect of God Blessing has a great effect on PK! As for the lore, uh… can only say “anything is better than nothing”.

After identifying the “Divine Sword”, the number owner immediately shared the joy with everyone in the district. There is a saying that is very good, “Seeing others get rich is more uncomfortable than counterattacking yourself”! Soon, he received “blessings” from other players!

2. Players show the level 160 “anti-sky” three-blue sword

Coincidentally, a young man also identified the three blue-word swords. This is a 160-level sword with a total initial injury of 745. The attributes are close to the national standard. The three blue-word special effects are sure to hit + lore + exquisite. Seeing other people’s 150 gradeless swords, and then looking at his own, the guy wants to cry a little, but the gap between the three blue characters is too big.

Aurora looked at this sword and thought about it for a long time. There must be a little bit of use in the three blue words. Datang can be used for sputtering, but it is not without grinding, and ordinary people can’t use it~

3. Can this level 160 rage belt be used to fight?

Although level 160 equipment has no level-free special effects, it has more blue characters. Recently, a player blew up a level 160 double blue letter belt. This belt has an initial defense of 98 and a blood of 397. The double blue letter combination is rage + spell crit damage. To be honest, the double blue characters on this belt look fierce at first glance, but when you think about it carefully, it almost makes sense. If you replace rage with anger, then its price will take off.

Of course, rage is still very useful in actual combat, and it is considered a small and superb artifact for the legal system when combined with the blue word for damage to the law. So the question is, do you think it has the qualifications to fight?

Anecdote of the Three Realms

1. The 5th 300 billion master of the whole server was born

Recently, Brother Gou’s Putuo Mountain finally got 300 billion experience, and received 300 billion title under the witness of many fans. I like to mention 5 extra attributes!

So far, there are only 5 accounts that can reach 300 billion in the whole server, and they are on 5 servers. Confucius Temple (A Jin’s name), Lingyin Temple (Gou Ge).

Although the reward of 300 billion is not as good as 100 billion, this title is very cool, no matter where you go, it will be the focus of the crowd!

2. Have you seen the necklace with added agility?

It is said that there are many “orphan” equipment and props in the dream, and a young hero showed his 21-point agility necklace. The initial spirit of this necklace is 181, which is 11 points higher than the non-dedicated spiritual power. It can be said that it is a divine chain of divine power. Of course, the biggest highlight of this divine chain is not the first spirit, but the additional 21 points of agility.

At present, the only equipment that can add additional attributes in the dream are clothes and weapons, and the agility bonus can be seen in the necklace part. This wave is really ridiculous. Mom has opened the door to the ridiculous.

This is the end of today’s fantastic news. Does anyone know how this necklace came about? Welcome to leave a message and share in the comment area~