The female special warfare soldier has been in the army for 11 years and is full of honor!

Author丨Ge Bin, Liu Jian

Picture丨Liu Qingfeng, Liu Zaihao

Video丨Jianfeng Chen

In 2013, the former Nanjing Military Region formed the first women’s special warfare unit, and Liao Huaqing became one of them after several rounds of selection. Special forces, special forces… Under these mysterious and famous names, there are trials accompanied by hardships and pains.

Less than three months after the women’s special warfare unit was established, it received the task of demonstrating and reporting to the head of the Military Commission. Starting from scratch, debuting for the first time, whether you can play accurately, whether your style is tough, and whether female soldiers can do it, all levels have high hopes. Standing under the spotlight for the first time, Liao Huaqing put all his strength into practice, practiced repeatedly, and practiced for more than 16 hours a day. His knees, outer thighs, and waist were all bruised and bruised. Two sets of training were worn out in one month. Clothes and 1 pair of combat boots. On the day of the demonstration, as the only conscript, she used a pistol to take 5 shooting positions, and she made hundreds of shots at a distance of 50 meters to 80 meters . The chief inspector praised and said: “I can’t tell it’s a female soldier, let alone a recruit!”

Ability has no boundaries, and gender is not a gap. This experience also made Liao Huaqing clearly realize that the special forces are made by fighting.

In 2018, Liao Huaqing led a team to the Army’s “Special Warfare” assessment competition. The first subject of the competition is aircraft landing, which is also their shortcoming. During the day, each team rushed to the field for training, and they secretly got up in the middle of the night to practice with a flashlight. On the day of the assessment, Liao Huaqing was the first to stand up. When the last team member landed smoothly, they were a full 5 seconds faster than usual. After winning the first battle, they became more and more courageous, and finally won the first place in the team, and Liao Huaqing also won the first place in the individual.

Special forces, the key is special, the core is also special, that is, they can endure hardships, work hard, and fight. Jumping out of the cabin from an altitude of 800 meters, the life of a special soldier is only 19 seconds. Once the main parachute is not opened, life and death are in an instant.

In November 2020, the brigade organized annual parachute training. After the female soldier Lin Hui jumped out of the cabin, the strong air current twisted her parachute rope severely, and the main parachute did not open! Her whole body fell straight down like a black spot, and her life entered the countdown! Some female soldiers burst into anxious tears. Fortunately, the backup parachute was fully opened when it was a tree high from the ground, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. For a while, tension and fear spread among the female soldiers.

The danger is so close, no one will blame you for stopping the jump, but what will you do next time if you stop the jump this time? “Let me do it!” Liao Huaqing asked for a fight. Liao Huaqing said that she was also afraid, but someone had to take the lead to overcome this hurdle. The helicopter was bumping up and down in the air current, and the cold wind poured in from the hatch. Liao Huaqing couldn’t help but hugged the backup umbrella tightly. It only takes 3 steps from the cabin to the door, but that time was very long for Liao Huaqing, but she can’t back down! Everyone is watching her. This jump is a challenge, a demonstration, and more confidence. After the departure signal sounded, Liao Huaqing jumped out of the cabin door instinctively, with his chest in his chest, his abdomen in, and his legs bent. After 3 seconds, the impact of opening the umbrella hit, and the umbrella flowers bloomed smoothly into the blue sky. At that moment, she withstood the pressure and gave the girls a “reassurance pill” with practical actions.

Most special warfare training faces blood and sweat, even life and death. Liao Huaqing has successively mastered 23 special combat skills such as parachute landing, airborne landing, and hunting. Behind her achievements is the cruel training day after day. The sky will still be aching. Some people may ask, is it worth paying so much to be a female soldier? value! On the battlefield, bullets will not bend because of women.

In 2022, Liao Huaqing returned to the unit for the first time after maternity leave, which coincided with high-intensity training. Unexpectedly, when passing the obstacle, the skin of the palm was torn off a large piece, and what was even more unexpected was that the running that he was good at in the past was actually delayed. Someone persuaded Liao Huaqing that at the age of 33, she had already passed the golden age of a special forces member, so there was no need to fight any longer. The phoenix is ​​reborn in the ashes, and its abilities are reshaped in the furnace. Liao Huaqing refused to accept his fate, and immediately made a strict training plan for himself, started again with a zero mentality, and slowly kept up with the training rhythm.

Now, she took the initiative to sign up again, went to the Army Special Warfare Academy to participate in advanced sniper training, and launched a charge against the “ace sniper” who killed with one blow and sealed his throat with one sword.

After 11 years in the army, Liao Huaqing took one step at a time, and it was not easy. She has been awarded the National March 8 Red Banner Bearer, the Army’s “Four Possessions” Excellent Individual Model, the Army’s first Strong Army Jingwu Model, and won the second-class merit and the third-class merit twice. Last year, Liao Huaqing was elected as the representative of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. This is both an honor and an inspiration.

At present, the special operations force is further transforming and developing in depth. What is presented to the female special operations soldier is a turbulent unknown field. She will continue to study and refine with her comrades in arms, shed sweat and wisdom on the front line, and always charge to the limit The “Fire Phoenix”!