The famous female prophet in the United States once successfully predicted the fate of the president. She predicted China like this before she died.

Chinese culture is extensive and profound, with a history of thousands of years. During these thousands of years, a large number of philosophers, politicians and writers have emerged, and they are doing their own work in different fields. But there is a type of people that is not very common. We usually call this type of people “gods”. They use the professional knowledge they have learned to predict and discover patterns by observing the position and movement of things. They know the principles of heaven and geography. These people are often called prophets.

There are many records about prophets in history, and there is a female prophet abroad who has predicted many things, and now they have all been confirmed. It is worth mentioning that before she died, she also made a prediction about China.

First, let’s talk about this foreign female prophet. She is Janet Dixon, who was born in the United States. She is the most famous astrologer and psychic in the twentieth century in the United States. She is also the greatest prophet in American history. . Jenny Dixon fully demonstrated her abilities at a young age. It turned out that more than ten days before Jenny Dixon’s grandfather passed away, she asked her family for a black-edged letter. At first, her family did not know the reason for her doing so, but after more than ten days, her grandfather After her death, her family thought back and realized that Jenny was different because she could know in advance that her grandfather was going to die.

As an adult, Jenny Dixon successfully predicted an editor-in-chief in Washington. At the same time, this event pushed her to the pinnacle of her life and became the most famous prophet in the United States. The White House also knew of her existence at this time, and the then President Roosevelt invited her to come and predict his lifespan. When Jenny saw her for the first time, she knew that he only had six months to live. Although Jenny was very reluctant to tell the president the news, she couldn’t bear the president’s pleading and finally told him the news. Sure enough, the president died six months later.

Although Jenny’s ability was very powerful, she did not predict anything in the last twenty years of her life. It was not until she died of illness that she decided to make one last prediction. She gave her last prediction to China. She predicted that China It is the last hope, and China will slowly rise.

Even though it was Jenny’s prediction, many people did not believe it until the next scholar made another prediction. This was a prediction made by a Nobel laureate in Paris. By discovering the laws of the world, he came to the same conclusion as Jenny. They both believed that if humans want to live a peaceful life in the future, they must go to China. Follow in the footsteps of Confucius. Although we all know that this is a prophecy, our country is constantly moving forward and will be stronger one day!