The event on the eve of World of Warcraft 10.0 has been exposed, and the rewards are quite rich

The PTR for World of Warcraft 10.0 recently tested the Pre-Patch event, the eve event, and it only lasted a few hours, but it was enough to get the general idea. The event will go live next month, along with a pre-installed patch, and players will hope to unlock it 2-3 weeks before 10.0 officially goes live (November 28).

The event is named Primal Storms, similar to the elemental invasion of the Earth Age, Primalist’s army of fire, wind, and water elements will invade all parts of the world, including the Northern Barrens, Risfal Glades, Un’Goro Crater, and the Badlands. Every 30 minutes, an elemental lord will be refreshed, start unattackable, and remove its protection after killing 100 Primalist enemies. Kill these lords to get rich loot.

One of the rewards is Primeval Essenc (Primeval Essenc), which can be used to purchase some special event items, including new transmog from the Dragon Age, sets such as chase outfits, toys that can suck away small animals, heirloom accessories, etc. The exchange places, the Alliance is Storm Hunter William at the Boralus Pier in Stormwind City, and the Horde is Storm Huntress Suhraka near the airship tower in Knives Fist Bay in Durotar. Defeating four lords also earns the achievement “the Against the Elements Feat of Strength”.

The fourth season of Shadowland will end on October 25th, and the pre-installed patch of Primal Storms has also entered the countdown. Although this eve event is not the most abundant, it will effectively fill the gap.