The eternal version of King Glory is a T0-level support, Cai Wenji’s outfit recommendation and usage skills

Hello everyone, Cai Wenji is an auxiliary hero in the Canyon of Kings, and is also a cute little loli. This auxiliary hero is still very strong. It has both blood and control. The enemy has caused a lot of trouble. Today, let’s talk about Cai Wenji, a hero.

Skill introduction

Passive: When Cai Wenji takes damage, she can increase her movement speed by 70% for 2 seconds, but this effect has a 10-second CD. Because of this passive skill, Cai Wenji is difficult to be caught by the enemy.

Skill 1: This is a blood-boosting skill. It adds blood to heroes within the skill range and increases its own movement speed for three seconds. This skill is a complete auxiliary skill that can add blood to your teammates.

The second skill, this skill is a control skill. Cai Wenji’s beam of light bounces between enemies, and can bounce up to six times. The enemy who is hit will be damaged by mana and will be stunned for a short time. As long as this skill is released properly, it can be used in Instantly control most enemies in teamfights.

Big move: This skill is a very effective HP skill. Every 0.5 seconds, it restores the specified HP to the teammate with the lowest HP within the range, and it can also increase material resistance and magic resistance for him. This skill is used well. , can instantly save teammates with residual blood, especially when outputting residual blood, it is very useful.

Outfit recommendation

The first piece of equipment support must be equipped with Guard Glory, which increases damage to surrounding heroes, and adds armor and speed to itself. The most important thing is that its passive can gain additional economy and experience. The second piece of equipment is the boots of resistance. Add some toughness to yourself. The third piece of equipment is the Frost Staff. In addition to adding some magic power and HP, this piece of equipment also has a main passive, that is, it will slow down the enemy after the skill hits, mainly for cooperation Cai Wenji’s second skill is used. The fourth piece of equipment is Nightmare Fang. There are many heroes who can recover blood in the current glory of the king, and I am afraid that every shooter and mage will have some blood-sucking equipment, pure output assassins will also have blood-sucking, and some half-meat warriors and tanks also have blood-returning Skill, so it is necessary for Cai Wenji to use a piece of Nightmare Fang as an assistant. The second skill or basic attack can seriously injure the opponent, which can save teammates a piece of equipment that restrains blood recovery and strengthen the output. Of course, if the blood recovery effect of all the enemies is not very good, this equipment can be replaced with something else. The fifth piece of equipment is the Frigid Storm. This piece of equipment reduces CD, adds resistance, and also has his passive to reduce attack speed and movement speed. The last piece of equipment is the Eye of the Phoenix. This piece of equipment can add some magic resistance and also has a blood recovery effect.


First of all, Cai Wenji is an assistant. When playing Cai Wenji, don’t play as an assistant with a heart of output, then the whole battle will be affected. In the early stage, use the second skill to cooperate with the output to harass the enemy, and use the first skill to keep the output and ensure the output. In the early stage of development, when playing a group in the later stage, add one more skill to increase blood for your teammates. When adding blood, take care of your own output and assassins, and open the big game to save the remaining blood teammates at the right time. Put it back halfway through to get the best results.

The second skill is a control skill. It can be used to catch people or start a group. However, the damage of this skill is not high. Don’t get overheated when you see people’s heads. In addition, I don’t recommend pure Cai Wenji. Cai Wenji’s skills bring The buffs are all spell bonuses, that is to say, the higher Cai Wenji’s ability power is, the higher the gain to his teammates, so Cai Wenji still needs two pieces of magic power equipment, but he doesn’t need that kind of high burst. equipment.

Cai Wenji’s summoner skills recommend healing techniques, because Cai Wenji is a nanny herself, and has two blood-boosting skills. When combined with healing techniques at critical moments, it can not only save the lives of teammates at critical times, but also give them during team battles. Teammates healed. How do you feel about this? Comments welcome.