The Endoscopy Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Changdu People’s Hospital was listed

Business Daily News (Reporter Rui Yixing) Recently, the Chamdo People’s Hospital held an inauguration ceremony of the Endoscopy Diagnosis and Treatment Center, marking that the hospital’s digestive system discipline construction has reached a new level.

It is reported that the Endoscopy Center of Chamdo People’s Hospital is one of the early units in eastern Tibet to carry out endoscopy diagnosis and treatment. It has lasted for 20 years. Currently, it is equipped with 1 deputy chief physician, 1 deputy chief nurse, and a physician. There are 2 nurses and 3 nurses. The gastroscope room, colonoscopy room, and bronchoscopy room are routinely opened. It has multiple sets of endoscope host systems, high-definition electronic endoscopy, electronic staining + magnification, and a complete endoscope decontamination system.

At present, the endoscopic diagnosis and treatment center of the hospital routinely carries out minimally invasive surgeries such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy, and precise examination of early gastrointestinal cancer.

Source: China Tibet News Network