The ending of “The Fighting Swordsman in the Snow”: Silly Brother Xu Longxiang: Become famous and win the beauty back home

The ending of “The Fighting Swordsman in the Snow”: Silly Brother Xu Longxiang: Become famous and win the beauty back home

Xu Fengnian’s family can be said to have suffered a lot. His mother, Wu Su, died of an illness caused by the White Clothes Case in Beijing. The eldest sister Xu Zhihu was seriously ill, but fortunately Lu Dongxuan used a thousand years of merit in exchange for her riding a crane and ascending to the throne. The biological parents of the second sister Xu Weixiong are dead, and her legs were broken by Chen Zhibao, so she can only stay in Wutong Garden. His father, Xu Xiao, also suffered from hidden illnesses due to years of fighting, and died on his bed when he was only in his sixties.

Xu Fengnian’s younger brother, Xu Longxiang, was born stupid and ignorant, which made Xu Fengnian worried. But fortunately, Xu Fengnian’s halo as the protagonist is strong enough, and the parents meet again in heaven and can be together for the rest of their lives. And his younger brother Xu Longxiang also had a good ending in the end.

This is not the first time that the name Long Xiang has appeared in a novel by General Manager. For example, in “Chen Ergou’s Monster Life”, the protagonist Chen Ergou’s father, Chen Longxiang, is comparable to Prince Nalan of the Northeast and Sun Laohu of Inner Mongolia. Heroic figure.

However, the name of Xu Longxiang’s Dragon Elephant comes from “The dragon has the strongest power among water-walking, the elephant has the first power among land-walking, and is as powerful as a diamond. It is called Dragon Elephant.” This is used to describe Xu Longxiang’s huge power in the Vajra realm. The name of Chen Longxiang comes from “thirty years for sentient beings like cattle and horses, sixty years for all Buddhas, dragons and elephants”. It probably means to be a dog first, and then a human being.

But if we follow the fate of Xu Longxiang, in fact, Xu Longxiang’s name still cannot escape the sentence “Thirty years for all sentient beings like cattle and horses, sixty years for all Buddhas, dragons and elephants”.

Xu Longxiang was born with great strength, but his mind was not developed, and Princess Wu Su of Northern Liang died after giving birth to Xu Longxiang. The servants who loved Princess Beiliang also resented Xu Longxiang, so Xu Longxiang was often bullied by his servants at home. Only Xu Fengnian has always protected him, and Xu Longxiang can also feel this, so he trusts and relies on Xu Fengnian very much. And these early plots, aren’t they Xu Longxiang’s 30-year experience of all sentient beings?

At the beginning of the novel, Zhao Xituan, an old Taoist priest from Longhu Mountain, believes that compared to Hong Xixiang, who was born with one more orifice, Xu Longxiang, who was born with one less orifice, is the real reincarnation of Emperor Zhenwu. So he went down the mountain to take Xu Longxiang as his disciple, and promised Xu Fengnian that he could open Xu Longxiang’s mind and restore his normal IQ.

In Longhu Mountain, Zhao Xituan taught Xu Longxiang the secret “Dream Spring and Autumn” that had not been passed down, allowing Xu Longxiang to slowly open his mind. When Xu Longxiang was in Longhu Mountain, he also took the black tiger that had listened to Qi Xuan’s frame as his mount. When the Liang-Mang war started, the Beimang side wanted to plot against Xu Fengnian and Xu Longxiang.

Because Xu Longxiang was born in the Vajra Realm, the masters once warned Xu Fengnian that if Xu Longxiang entered the Zhixuan Realm, he would be invincible in the world, but if he broke through to the Celestial Elephant Realm, he would be punished by God due to jealousy. Therefore, Xu Fengnian has been suppressing Xu Longxiang, preventing him from breaking through to the Zhixuan realm. Huang Qing, who was close to Beimang’s sword energy, also calculated Xu Longxiang accordingly, causing him to accidentally break through to the sky.

When the scourge came, Zhao Xituan of Longhu Mountain opened his eyes at the cost of his golden lotus and his life. Xu Fengnian also cut out his first three incarnations, helped Xu Longxiang survive the catastrophe, and also killed the Tianlong in Beimang. As for whether Xu Longxiang’s state after surviving the catastrophe was the Celestial Elephant Realm or he was escorted back to the Zhixuan Realm, there is no explanation in the book, and there is no plot in which Xu Longxiang takes action later.

However, Xu Longxiang’s mind has completely returned to the level of a normal person, and he began to lead the Beiliang Army against Beimang. After that, there was no description of Xu Longxiang’s personal combat power. Maybe it’s because the general manager praised him too much in the early stage. If he is really allowed to play now, there won’t be many players in Beimang who can play, so he was moved away for some reason. After Xu Longxiang became enlightened, the fortune of the Buddhas, Dragons and Elephants in his sixty years came.

I remember that at the beginning of the novel, Xu Fengnian often said that she would tie the most beautiful woman in the world to Xu Longxiang as his wife. Unfortunately, Bai Huerlian has already married Xu Fengnian as his wife, and Chen Yu and Xu Longxiang, the second most beautiful women on the rouge list who are not inferior to Nangong, have not. fate.

In the end, Xu Longxiang relied on his charm to win the heart of Beimang Princess Murong Longshui. Murong Longshui, who weighed more than 200 kilograms, defected to the Beiliang camp for Xu Longxiang. He even lost weight like crazy for Xu Longxiang and became a graceful beauty weighing more than 90 kilograms. Xu Longxiang can also be regarded as having a happy ending.