The effect of “Pokémon” is a white fog with reduced preventive ability. What is it like being misled by animation?

Animations often show some skills that seem to work well, but are actually very different from those in the game. For example, the immobilization method mentioned by Xiao Er earlier, the animation was translated as “Petrification Skill” in the early stage, which is expressed as making the opponent move. No, but in fact, in the game, it only makes the opponent unable to use the previously used skills. For example, the high-speed movement in the animation can superimpose the dodge rate Buff, but the high-speed movement in the game is only a skill to enhance the speed, and this The skill white fog to be introduced in the second chapter is also a skill with very different game effects and animation effects. Let’s see what it is all misled by animation.

PS: This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me.

Turn on the white fog of the venue state:

The game effect of the white fog is to make your own field in the white fog state for 5 rounds, and the ability of the Pokémon on the field in the white fog state will not decrease. According to the description, it is also “surround yourself with white fog”. In order to prevent the ability to be reduced by the opponent, but in the animation, the effect of Bai Wu’s appearance is similar to that of smoke, which is used to confuse the opponent’s line of sight. For example, in the battle between Dara and Xiaozhi, the frozen bird used The white fog used obstructs the sight of the fire-breathing dragon. The white fog state is a kind of field state. Because it can last for five rounds, it can be regarded as a skill similar to the reflection wall and the light wall.

However, the usage rate of Bai Wu in the battle is actually not high, but it is not unusable. This state can prevent our ability changes from decreasing. In addition to not being degraded by the opponent’s moves, it can also prevent the opponent’s attack. characteristics, that is to say, common moves such as intimidation and loud roaring can be effectively targeted. Therefore, in doubles, you can occasionally see that some auxiliary hands will be used in a targeted manner, but it is difficult to grasp the application occasions, and because It is a move that needs to be cast in one round, so the price/performance ratio is sometimes not that high, so the players who use it are relatively limited.

Pokémon that can use White Mist:

Another reason to limit Bai Wu’s appearance is still the Pokémon that can be learned. Because Bai Wu is an ice-type move, most of the things that can be learned are against relatively unpopular ice-type Pokémon. So far, I can learn Baiwu independently. The Pokémon include Alola’s Pangsanwang family, Alola’s nine-tailed family, Mosquito Coil Swimmer, Laplace, Frozen Bird, Fast Dragon, Super Dream, Marsh King’s Family, Ivory Pig’s Family, Suicune, Lugia , Lotte Kappa Family, Big Mouth Family, Yo-Yo Ball, Whale King Family, Tanabata Blue Bird Family, Emperor Nabo Family, Blizzard Family Family, Cresella, Double Dodo Ice Family, Geometric Snowflake, Ice Dragon A family, Polkenyon, Kapu Finfin, Edelweiss Moth, Ice Goose, Snowstorm Horse.

In addition, there are some Pokémon that can learn this move based on heredity, so I won’t introduce them one by one.