The ECS early cancer screening platform calls for attention to breast health issues, don’t let care be too late.

  Today, talking about “cancer” discoloration has become the norm. Among them, breast cancer, known as the “pink killer”, ranks first in the incidence of female malignant tumors, and has become one of the three most common cancers in the world. It’s the 20th “Pink Ribbon Month”, we should pay attention to breast health and don’t let it be too late. So, which type of person does breast cancer prefer to find?

  1. Women with menarche less than 12 years old and menopause later than 50 years old? Menstruation for more than 35 years or even longer, such women have a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

  2. Women who are older, unmarried, unmarried or have their first full-term delivery after the age of 35? Women with higher age of unmarried or primiparous have a higher incidence of breast cancer. According to statistics, the incidence of breast cancer in women born at the age of 20 is 1/3 of that born at the age of 30.

  3. Women who breastfeed for a short time or do not breastfeed after childbirth? The length of breastfeeding time after childbirth is directly related to the occurrence of breast cancer. The longer the breastfeeding time, the lower the incidence, and the shorter the breastfeeding time or the process of no breastfeeding, the higher the incidence.

  4. Women with poor eating habits and overweight body? High sugar, high fat, high protein diet, excessive drinking and other bad eating habits. If the body is too obese, the body will accumulate too many fat cells, and the release of estrogen will stimulate the female breast.

  5. Women who use estrogen products? Some women use a lot of estrogen-containing health products, breast enhancement products, etc. If the body consumes too much estrogen, it can stimulate the mammary glands, resulting in imbalanced hormone secretion in the body, thereby inducing breast cancer.

  Of course, female compatriots should not panic, high-risk groups ≠ cancer patients. The ECS Early Cancer Screening Platform recommends that women aged 21-29 should be checked once every 1-3 years; women over the age of 30, whose immunity begins to decline, are more likely to be infected with HPV, and the number of examinations can be increased. In short, with a positive attitude, earlier, more frequent and more careful screening can be prevented in time.