The e-sports blogger broke the news that the players in the transfer period were all 10 million. Beifeng laughed: it is impossible

An e-sports blogger broke the news on the Internet that the salaries of players during the transfer period. Among them, he said that at least 5 players in LPL earned 30 million and 15 10 million. The salary of this level is very comparable to the salary of the CBA and the Chinese Super League. , you must know that because of salary restrictions in the Chinese Super League in recent years, many countries have salaries of several million. Even Gao Lin sold his villas of hundreds of millions because the salary was not enough to repay the loan. I did not expect LPL to sell so generously. !

If you still believed it a few years ago, then the entire industry is in the wind, with all kinds of bigwigs emerging one after another, hot money pouring into the e-sports circle, players’ salaries rising, and there are indeed more players in the tens of millions, but times have changed, and now all walks of life It is very difficult. Whether it is the entity or the Internet, they are facing huge financial pressure. The stocks of major Internet companies have fallen terribly, so the teams that can pay tens of millions of annual salary these years are rare!

Bei Feng, the anchor of Huya, asserted in the live broadcast that this is all a smoke bomb issued by some brokers united. Now the team is very short of money. Although most of them have blood transfusions from the parent company, the situation is not good. There is no big company. The teams that have helped have bigger problems now, such as RNG and IG, who both owe wages and transfer fees, not to mention many teams that do not have sponsors, so the e-sports industry is currently in a big crisis!

I also want to see players with an annual salary of tens of millions. Unless UZI makes a comeback and faker comes to China, the possibility is still very small. Friends think the netizens’ revelations are true or false, or is Beifeng’s remarks more true? Is it a hype for players with an annual salary of tens of millions, or are there really big players who spend tens of millions to renew their contracts?