The Dream Team practiced late at night and ended up crashing the Chongqing Wolves. Who will be killed?

The Dream Team practiced late at night and ended up crashing the Chongqing Wolves. Who will be killed?

Just last night, the Dream Team led by Beimu and Lai Shen formed a team to score points late at night, and they crashed into the Chongqing Wolves. The Dream Team, the strongest team in the anchor team, couldn’t help but feel a little bit after seeing the Wolves on the opposite side. Amazed, so who is the better anchor team and the KPL giants? Next, let’s experience the exciting duel of this game from the perspective of anchor Fray.

It can be seen from the lineup of both sides that both the Dream Team and the Wolves have obtained the positions they are good at. Among them, Beimu and Lai Shen have gained fame and influenced Luna and the old master. After entering the game, Lai Shen and Xiahou Dun competed normally. At this time, the Dream Team assisted the King of Lanling to come and cooperate with Lai Shen to take Xiahou Dun’s head. Got the blue buff, but also sent a blood.

Beimu came to the red zone after being resurrected. At this time, Xiaopangjing was already level 4 and came to harass Beimu as a jungler. Beimu had no choice but to retreat. Lai Shen’s side was outflanking Xiahou Dun at the same time, and in the middle of the journey, Lai Shen decided to attack Xiahou Dun. On the frontal battlefield, Beimuyi skill took Da Qiao, but he was also taken away by Xiaopang, while Lai Shen kept Xiahou Dun in check. He avoided Xiahouyi in detail and then killed him. This wave of red zone was considered a 1 for 3. .

At this time, Lai Shen already had two heads in hand, which was a good start, but then Xiaopang began to target Lai Shen, grabbed Lai Shen who was clearing the line in two minutes, and took him away. In four minutes, Beimu invaded the red zone of Xiaopang. Although he got the red of Xiaopang, he made a big mistake and sent another head. After that, the two sides fought back and forth, but the Wolves relied on the operation of Da Qiao to contain the Dream Team everywhere.

Ten minutes later, Bei Mu Lai Shen started two-on-three, taking Haiyue first and then staying with Xiahou Dun. After the team battle, Lai Shen was already bloodied, and then he went to the middle lane to clear the line and was killed by the soldiers. However, there was good news from the teammates, and the Wolves’ bottom lane was removed in ten minutes. After the resurrection, Lai Shen came to the top lane to lead the line. As a result, the Wolves directly forced the team in the middle lane. The Dream Team was tragically destroyed, and the previously established advantages disappeared.

Thirteen minutes to dominate the refresh, Beimu took the lead in grabbing the position, but because the position was too high, he was beaten by Marco, so he could only withdraw from the battlefield, and then Lai Shen took Marco on top, thinking that this wave of team battles could be won. , As a result, Xiaopangjing directly melted his own double C, and at this time, only the Lanling King was left in the dream team. I thought that King Lanling had cleared the middle route, and the Wolves could not complete a wave. As a result, the lower route came, and the Wolves pushed the crystal directly.

Although the Dream Team lost the game in the end, the back and forth with the Wolves in the early stage is enough to show their strength. I wonder what everyone thinks of the Dream Team’s strength?