The domestic urban combat team appeared? Equipped with three unmanned vehicles and two drones, standard tactical tablet

Speaking of drones, everyone is not unfamiliar. It is embarrassing to go out without drones in modern combat. For unmanned combat vehicles, small-scale equipment testing has also begun in China, and unmanned combat vehicles are often seen in urban combat. So for the teams that use unmanned combat vehicles, military fans and friends have seen very little. Recently, when a domestic synthetic brigade conducted an urban combat exercise, it appeared as an unmanned combat vehicle team, equipped with three unmanned vehicles and two drones, and equipped with a wrist tactical tablet and an individual radio station.

According to public reports in the media, we have seen a drill conducted by a synthetic brigade of the 73rd Army Group of the Army. The team dedicated to urban operations is equipped with at least three types of unmanned combat vehicles and drones. This may be the future of domestic unmanned vehicles. The prototype of the chariot squad will continue to improve the specific details of the urban unmanned chariot combat tactics during the exercise.

Judging from the picture, this unmanned combat vehicle team is equipped with at least three types of unmanned combat vehicles. The first one is a 6×6 wheeled combat vehicle with the design style of an all-terrain vehicle. Both cargo and people can be transported using the rear space. The second unmanned vehicle is a very low-profile design. It mainly uses the rear cargo plate to carry materials. It can be seen that the vehicle uses camouflage nets to fix and transport a large number of materials. It is speculated that it may include ammunition, Supplies or other gear much needed in combat. The third unmanned vehicle is smaller and more compact than the first two. It also adopts a wheeled layout and is mainly freight-oriented. It is worth noting that these unmanned vehicles have a circular turret interface on the car body. It is guessed that weapon loads can be installed. Generally, 12.7mm vehicle-mounted machine guns may be the main ones, and the report also mentioned unmanned vehicles. Can cooperate with soldiers to fight.

The above unmanned vehicles are from the School of Intelligent Science of the National University of Defense Technology. In recent years, a large number of unmanned vehicle equipment designed by them are being tested and practiced, including both logistics transportation unmanned vehicles and combat drones with weapon loads. However, as an auxiliary combat equipment, the most important thing is to cooperate with soldiers to perform tactical tasks. Therefore, the equipment of the unmanned combat vehicle squad is also very important. From the picture, the soldiers use various types of weapons such as 95-1 and 191, but they all have a set of tactical tablet devices on their wrists as standard, in addition to three unmanned vehicles and two drones Also on standby.

According to the drill situation, these tactical tablets can display the situation of their own personnel, and at the same time, they can be used with unmanned combat vehicles. These intelligent reconnaissance and strike equipment can be used to obtain the enemy’s defense situation and distribution situation, so as to choose when to strike. means. This also avoids the high losses caused by “meat scouts” in the main battle of urbanization. These unmanned combat vehicles are the mechanical scouts that came out.

The last thing that needs to be added is that these soldiers are also equipped with individual radios. Unlike the previous individual walkie-talkies, they have stronger confidentiality and better anti-jamming capabilities. At the same time, the captain can integrate a team into a more advanced command system. , on-the-job phenomenon and transmission of information, so that the command and combat efficiency is greatly improved. Obviously, when the unmanned combat vehicle team is fighting in towns, it is very important to equip individual radio stations, which helps to quickly distribute and share the information obtained by the unmanned equipment to the entire team and other units in the entire battlefield, which is convenient for CEC on the ground. Working together, when the opponent was still hiding in the steel fortress of the town and thought he was safe, he was already covered by various firepower.