The difference is obvious! T1 swept JDG 3-1 to advance to the finals, LCK once again scheduled the championship after five years

The S12 League of Legends global finals have finally come to the semi-final stage. As the only remaining team in the LPL division, JDG can be said to carry all the hopes of the entire division, and the battle with T1 will also be the question of whether they can continue the world competition. The key battle of the journey.

In many predictions before the game, many game commentators said that T1’s strength is higher than JDG, so what kind of answer sheet will JDG give us for this battle?

In the first game, yagao took out the rock sparrow that LPL likes very much, and directly locked Faker’s Galio on the line in the early stage. Although Faker also used his big move to play a few waves of support, but they all had little effect, especially It is zeus Qinggangying’s top lane, which has become a disadvantaged lane. Fortunately, T1’s bottom lane got some small advantages. In the mid-term, JDG, who held three little dragons, started to make a fuss in the Dragon Soul Group. As a result, T1 did the same with RNG. The classic replacement of , I will give you the Dragon Soul, I will take the big dragon, but the result is different, T1 did not successfully bring the rhythm of split push after getting the big dragon buff, but the ancient dragon group after that, in Yagao Under the extreme operation, they exchanged with Gumayusi. JDG later got the ancient dragon and the dragon, and demolished the T1 base in one wave.

In the second round, T1 continued to grab Nami for the first time, but only for the point of banning Foyego. JDG took out the Ueno combination of Stoneman and Belvis, omitting the first dragon that JDG was robbed in the early stage, Kanavi The rhythm in the early stage has been good, but the top 369 is obviously a stress-resistant road, and has raised a huge fat zeus Yongen. In the mid-term, the two sides were evenly balanced, but Faker and zeus’s wave of spiritual double TP drove to steal the dragon is true for JDG After getting the big dragon buff, although T1 also successfully broke the middle road, and then added a few waves of opportunities given by Hope in the middle road and the promiscuous move of the 369 Stoneman team battle, JDG was completely pulled by the operation of T1, In the end, as many people fell to the ground, T1 also successfully regained a city.

In the third game, the red and blue sides were exchanged. In the early stage, the two sides played very happily in the upper and lower lanes. JDG found the breakthrough point on the road very well, and directly disconnected the captain of zeus in the early stage, but for JDG, The problem is still in the bot lane. The Luna combination of Gumayusi and keria still successfully suppressed JDG’s bot lane. Coupled with Faker’s several waves of spiritual support in the early stage, he also gave himself a huge economic lead. Although Faker gave a few waves in the mid-term. Opportunity, but he was very decisive in the team’s command and decision-making. He used Ryze’s driving to play JDG a few times, and successfully won the dragon, and finally won the game after destroying the JDG group in the wild area.

After winning the match point, the two sides came to the fourth game. Can JDG drag the game into the final game? In the early stage, the two sides each killed the opponent’s support in the bottom lane, but in the team battle for the canyon pioneer, The two sides struggled for a long time. Although JDG won it, it paid a heavy price. After that, Gumayusi and Keria completed a wave of line kills in the bottom lane. Gumayusi won the double kill. At the same time, JDG wanted to gank the middle road, As a result, Faker pushed three people into the defensive tower with a big move, and successfully played a wave of 1 for 3, which directly hit a wave of group destruction.

In the second battle for the vanguard, JDG refused to give up and wanted to take over the group. As a result, T1 played a wave of 0 for 4, which completely exploded in the early stage. With the group destroying JDG again in 17 minutes, the advantage of T1 is already very, very big! When JDG used the canyon pioneer to advance, they were surrounded again. After T1 played 0 for 4, they successfully won the dragon!

In the end, after 22 minutes on the road to destroy JDG again, T1 successfully won the water dragon soul, carrying the water dragon soul, T1 drove straight in, and ended the game in one wave!

Five years later! The LCK has once again decided the champion and runner-up of the S World Championship. The strength of the two divisions this year is really huge. There is no way to do it. This is a fact.