The difference between Switch “Alan Wake” and Xbox One is too obvious

The Switch version of “Alan Wake: Remastered Edition” was suddenly released without publicity. Many players were worried about the performance of the Switch version. Recently, foreign media recorded the Xbox One and Switch versions of “Alan Wake: Remastered Edition” Play video For comparison, you can visually see the picture gap between the two versions.

Alan Wake: Remastered Comparison Video:

Although everyone knows that the weak performance of the Switch, the natural picture performance will not take the lead, but through the above video, you can still see a very obvious gap compared to the Xbox One version, although the frame rate of this game in the Xbox One version is not the same. Unstable, but the framerate drops on the Switch were more frequent and longer, often dropping below 20FPS. In addition, we can also see in the comparison video that the Switch version uses lower polygons and textures.