The deposit of 200 yuan has not been refunded in the past two years. After the surging report, Shenzhen Great Wall Broadband has refunded

Recently, Mr. Xiong from Shenzhen reported to the Pengpai Quality Report Complaint Platform that after the contract with Shenzhen Great Wall Broadband expired in early 2021, he went to the business hall to handle the 200 yuan deposit refund business, but the refund has not been received after nearly two years. . He contacted customer service, and the other party said that “the process is still going through, and the time of arrival is uncertain”.

On October 25, The Paper reported on this matter. Mr. Xiong reported on the 28th that the 200 yuan refund from Shenzhen Great Wall Broadband had been received.

Mr. Xiong received a successful refund notification.

Consumer Complaints:

Peng Mei News previously reported that Mr. Xiong complained that at the beginning of 2020, when he handled broadband at the Shenzhen Great Wall Broadband Business Hall, he paid a deposit of 200 yuan because he needed to use the “light cat”. “The deposit will be 100% refunded.

After the contract expired at the beginning of 2021, Mr. Xiong went to the business hall to handle the withdrawal business, and got the refund receipt. He said that the staff promised that the 200 yuan deposit would be returned to the bank card he reserved.

However, in the past two years, Mr. Xiong checked his bank card and found that the refund had not been received. Mr. Xiong said that he contacted the customer service staff of Great Wall Broadband many times, and the answer was that the refund was still in the process, and he was not sure when the account would arrive. This made him very angry, “If the user forgets this, doesn’t he have to withdraw?”

process result:

In response to Mr. Xiong’s situation, on October 22, The Paper called the customer service of Great Wall Broadband Shenzhen area. After the customer service staff verified Mr. Xiong’s information and confirmed that the refund had not been received, they said they would give feedback to the company and contact Mr. Xiong in time to verify the refund. schedule.

On October 28, Mr. Xiong told reporters that after the intervention of The Paper, he had received a refund of 200 yuan from Shenzhen Great Wall Broadband on the 27th, and received a text message notification.

In addition, The Paper reporters noticed that there have been many complaints on the Internet about the “difficulty in refunding the Great Wall broadband”. The amount of refunds involved in the complaints ranges from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan. The complaints say that the waiting time for refunds is too long for 1-2 years.