The definition of a girl’s photo was broken by Ryoko Hirosue

A few days ago, Ryoko Hirosue, who hadn’t seen her for a long time, took the movie “The Ghost There” to the opening red carpet of the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival.

She was wearing a light blue kimono, and still had that familiar short hair. When she smiled, her brows and eyes were almost the same as the girl in the photo who was laughing wildly under the scorching sun.

Debuted in the name of “the last beautiful girl of the twentieth century”, Ryoko’s entire youthful period was almost recorded in the photo.

But it is precisely because her youth is so beautiful that many people still cannot accept the fact that Ryoko Hirosue is 42 years old now, and that little boy has grown into a mature and elegant lady.

It doesn’t need to be said that the beauty is late, because her comfortable transparency is still there.

When it comes to interpreting “Japanese teenagers”, no female star can compare to Ryoko Hirosue, who does not deliberately dress up or manage characters, but has a natural temperament.

Cool, energetic, sunny, like pure water, like good weather.

This is how the Japanese people evaluate Ryoko: seeing her smile will make people unconsciously raise the corners of their mouths.

At that time, she was transparent and delicate, with a milky voice. Because of her young age, she didn’t have a strong sense of gender. She just thought she was energetic and cute.

When she was 16 years old, she played a piano genius in “Long Vacation”. She didn’t have many roles but was very impressed. When she appeared, everyone thought that such a cute one must be a boy.

Later, her popularity soared, and even more than 100 of the station’s promotional posters were stolen in three days because of her popularity.

“long vacation”

Then she starred in the Japanese drama “Beach Boys” and the movie “Nostalgia in the 20th Century” in succession. The energetic image in the drama directly affected the aesthetics of Japanese Entertainment in the future.

“20th Century Nostalgia”

She has an innate expressiveness in front of the camera, very natural and casual, and the feeling of a teenager galloping on the track with ease, breaking the previous definition of “girl portrait”.

Later, when she was the hottest, she chose to marry and retire. After the divorce, she resumed work as a single mother. At this time, the ups and downs in her relationship and career had long since faded her childish side.

When she came back, she had become much gentler, and her body exuded the intellectual and elegant uniqueness of Japanese actresses. She starred in the films “The Undertaker” and “Zero Focus” which not only won many awards, but also helped her open the door to Hollywood.

“The Undertaker”

But even so, it is difficult for Hirosu Ryoko to return to the original height. Gradually, the heroine of the S-class drama lost her place, and she began to frequently appear in the list of supporting roles.

The glory of “The Last Beautiful Girl of the 20th Century” has remained in the past, replaced by the cold-faced female judge in “The Winner is Justice” and the big sister in “The Way to Steal the Keys”. A new generation of friends may have forgotten her name but remembered her character.

Now her face has become thinner, but her slender and pale facial features seem to be more comfortable and coordinated. She never focused on how gorgeous and dazzling she was, and she was still the same as before.

In Japan, intellectual elegance may really be the ultimate destination for middle-aged actresses.

One is from the environment. Influenced by traditional culture, they pursued modesty and respected etiquette as their standard. Therefore, Japanese actresses who are 35+ often give people a sense of dignity who speaks softly and sits upright.

Ryoko Yonekura

The second is from the appearance. I don’t know if you have noticed that Japanese people generally have good-looking noses. They are not as sharp as Europeans but have a certain sense of bone. When they get older and lose their collagen and original protein, they can be Support the style of the whole face and add some sense of high intelligence.

Tianhaiyouxi Source: Weibo @LadyMurasak

Such as Haruka Ikawa. Haruka Igawa’s name always appears in the “Most Wanted High Face” list voted by women every year by ORICON NEWS in Japan.

And most of the reasons why people choose her are that she exudes a sense of beauty corresponding to her age, and she also feels very temperamental from a female point of view.

She was also good-looking when she was young, but it is far less eye-catching than the intellectual beauty that has accumulated over the years. Now she is mature and elegant, and her facial features and outlines are much clearer.

In “Hanzawa Naoki 2”, she played the tavern owner’s wife, tying her hair up and wearing a kimono, so gentle and atmospheric that people want to get close.

“Naoki Hansawa 2”

Honami Suzuki was once known as “the ceiling of the sweet smile of the Showa era”.

In “Tokyo Love Story”, she has long hair and airy bangs on her brows. When she laughs, her eyes narrow into a small crescent, and the corners of her mouth also grin in a similar arc;

When he is serious, he will habitually purse his lips, and the word “perseverance” seems to be written on his face, but it doesn’t look fierce at all, but rather cute.

After middle age, her face completely broke away from the roundness of the Lixiang period, her facial features became more compact, and her lines were full of ability.

The eyebrows are slightly raised, and there is a mature woman’s charm of “advance can be attacked, retreat can be defended”.

So even if the collagen is gone, maybe the next stop will be the peak of your appearance!