The cute little British MINI was born out of war, but why is it related to BMW?

The small and cute MINI seems to be the exclusive car for women in China. Boys bought MINI just to get into the group of car lovers, but what everyone does not know is that the birth of MINI was born because of the war of aggression. Speaking of the canal.

The location of the Suez Canal is special and important. Connecting Europe, Asia and Africa, it is the world’s largest maritime transportation hub. In 1882, the United Kingdom took over the Suez Canal and directly managed it until the end of World War II. After World War II, Egypt wanted to take back the jurisdiction of the Suez Canal from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom not only disagreed, but joined forces with France and Israel to attack Egypt. This war directly led to After the oil crisis, due to the shortage of oil, the gas stations in the UK can only supply oil in limited quantities, which directly leads to the decline in the sales of large-displacement models in the UK, such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin, so the British went to develop fuel-efficient small vehicles. car.

The first-generation MINI adopted a horizontal front-drive layout and achieved a lot of good results in rallying.

In 1958, BMC British Automobile Group launched a small hatchback. This is the first generation of MINI. The length of the car is just over 3 meters. In order to maximize the space for the occupants, the designer also ingeniously placed the four-cylinder engine horizontally, which is what we have today. With the transverse front-drive, the MINI became a household name.

In the 1960s, the lovely MINI had already smashed all sides in the rally arena. In 1962, the MINI Cooper, which was only one year old, won no less than 153 races, and achieved a lot in the large-scale rally in the 1960s. Brilliant record. All of this is inseparable from the small size and light weight of the MINI model, so it is particularly suitable for participating in rallying with complex terrain.

In 1998, MINI set the Guinness World Record for sales of 5.3 million vehicles. Not only that, MINI is also a representative of fashion, trend and personality. What makes people puzzling is that MINI is a British brand, and BMW is a German brand, so why do people now call MINI a BMW MINI?

BMW may buy Rover because it wants to build a big SUV

In the 1990s, there was a car group in the UK called Rover, which owned several brands of Jaguar, Land Rover, MG and MINI, but due to various reasons, Rover fell into financial crisis, so it was targeted by BMW next door. In 1994, BMW spent huge sums of money to acquire the last British car company in the hands of the British, that is, Rover. At the same time, Rover’s car brands have naturally become BMW’s brands.

According to the grapevine, BMW acquired Rover because BMW wanted to build a large SUV at that time, but it lacked experience. It happened that Land Rover was developing the third-generation Range Rover model at that time, so it planned to acquire Land Rover and its parent company. , After BMW borrowed the technology of Range Rover, plus its own three major pieces, the first generation BMW X5 was born.

Car review: BMW replaced the MINI model with a new platform

After the birth of the X5, BMW sold Land Rover to Ford in the United States, and MINI continued to remain in the BMW Group. MINI is the main force for BMW to enter the small car market. All the old MINI models were discontinued in 1998 and replaced by MINI. A new platform and a new engine developed in cooperation with Peugeot Citroen Group. Since then, MINI has become a brand under BMW. Even when you go to BMW’s 4S shop, you can see MINI, so there is a problem. Few people will call MINI BMW MINI. Because of its cute shape, many girls like to buy MINI, so it has gradually become a representative of girls’ cars.