The curtain of the World Cup is about to start, let’s go to the glory side by side! Kappa 1916 series new products debut

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is about to kick off, and fans around the world are eagerly looking forward to this quadrennial football feast. Kappa, a high-end sports fashion brand, has launched the 1916 series named after the year of its origin, and launched a new blockbuster product integrating football elements and culture, adding firepower to the football craze sweeping the world.

In the century-long journey of the Kappa brand, the football gene is an integral part of it. Since 1979, he has helped Juventus to win the sixth Coppa Italia championship in history, creating a precedent for Kappa to sponsor the Italian football team. Countless brilliant records; by 1999, Kappa became the official partner of the Italian national team, accompanying the glorious Azzurri to charge on the green field, setting an indelible legend in world football.

Tracing the origin, paying tribute to the glorious moment of the stadium

Kappa 1916 series of new products is coming, inspired by the real football stories in the brand’s long history. By reorganizing the football DNA sequence and classic design elements, breaking the boundary between competitive sportswear and youth trends, the Italian national team’s coach jackets, courtside uniforms and other masterpieces can be recreated in a fashionable new look. The Rhapsody of Sex will eventually play again.

Just as the popular retro style can be seen in the main items, the classic Italian small label, the back-to-back Omini logo and the “ITALIA” print in EROI’s large font are more eye-catching and eye-catching on the dark blue and black men’s jacket. visual tension. Memories of Kappa and the football club were quickly awakened, dreaming back to the golden age of football with passion.


Inspired by the coach’s courtside clothing, the long cotton jacket transforms the original stitching and contrasting colors into a more concise dark blue and black tone. The classic fit and sophisticated tailoring eliminate gender limitations and create a seasonal trend that is suitable for both men and women. Outfit. The college-style knitwear that is suitable for single wear or mix and match, strengthens the retro style with oversized version, and the three-dimensional texture knitted printing breaks the dullness, showing the uninhibited style of trend players.


Opening side by side, igniting passionate youth

Kappa, who has always supported football culture and sports, will have a “side-by-side Kappa Club party” to warm up the upcoming World Cup. At 19:30 on October 24, 2022, lock the live broadcast room of Kappa Tmall official flagship store, Kappa brand youth ambassador INTO1 member Mika and INTO1 member Zhou Keyu will be special guests, leading everyone to feel the passion and enjoy the youth in sports together! There are also a number of trendsetters who will also come to the live broadcast room to share dry goods online. A retro trend football party, ready to go!


In addition to the game challenges full of laughter, autographed photos, massive gift coupons and other rich benefits will be given out during the live broadcast. Not only can you feel the trendy charm and passion attributes of the Kappa brand at zero distance, but you can also receive Kappa’s warm heart in the heart-warming courtesy. Set the alarm clock to squat on time and enjoy the Kappa Club party!


On the days approaching the opening of the Qatar World Cup, the Kappa brand, which has witnessed a century of ups and downs in European football, recalled its original intention and glory on the green field with the 1916 series of new products, and maintained close communication with urban youth who are keen on football culture and trendy culture, and started side by side. Join the football festival!