The current box office list of hit movies: “No Name” breaks the 400 million bottom row, which ones have you watched?

As of the time of publication (10:25 am on January 26), from the real-time data display of “Maoyan Professional Edition”, we can see that among the popular movies in the Spring Festival, the top five box office lists are as follows:

1. “Man Jianghong”

Box office: 1.893 billion yuan

Starring: Shen Teng, Yi Yangqianxi

Movie review: I thought it would be a bad movie, but I didn’t expect it to be good. The story is well polished, and it gets better from beginning to end. It’s ridiculous between crying and laughing, but when the truth is revealed, it makes people awe-inspiring. What’s more worth mentioning is that the national teacher, who restrained his grand narrative desire, wrote the words “handy with ease” on his face. The multi-party wrestling and multiple reversals are gathered together, compact but not sloppy. The clothing does not deliberately pursue a certain style, but it matches the characters very well. The performances of several protagonists have exceeded expectations, and being able to teach Yue Yunpeng to act is considered a heaven-defying level. Although the actual history can no longer be reproduced, the re-deconstruction of the movie has left us with a romantic reverie, which is the same as the little broken ball in this regard.

2. “The Wandering Earth 2”

Box office: 1.662 billion yuan

Starring: Wu Jing, Andy Lau

Movie review: Whether you have watched the first movie or not does not affect viewing, but if you have watched the first movie, the experience will be greatly improved. Compared with the first film, the actor’s embarrassment is basically gone, the plot is more reasonable, and the sense of routine is weaker. Unfortunately, the memorable lines like “Two Lines of Tears for Relatives” and the “Twelve Rings of the Spring Festival” are Chinese The elements of traditional taste are a little less, and the perspective of contrasting pattern is bigger, which is reflected from ordinary people to high-level people. Unfortunately, there are many characters, so the shaping is a little weak. The core of the film is still the courage, perseverance and sacrifice of human beings, and it is still the view of history of the masses. By the way, it has buried a dark line that cannot be made clearer, and there is obviously a plan for a third film. In short, it is a work of conscience and sincerity, and it is worth watching.

3. “Bear Infested·Stay with me “Bear Core””

Box office: 549 million yuan

Starring: Zhang Bingjun, Tan Xiao

Movie review: This year’s first Lunar New Year movie that earned me a lot of tears. I watched it for the plot of Xiong Daxiong II and Mama Bear. Generally speaking, the narrative is simple and straightforward, without any surprising turning point (I think it may be because I am older, and I can guess it at once. But for children, the impact is still relatively large, especially when it was revealed that Donghai is the murderer behind the scenes, the children in the cinema were all surprised). The 3D effect is good, and it is full of sense of technology. I think it is an animated movie worth watching, enough to make adults relax. But I think this movie has a good publicity idea that Professor Su is an excellent female robot professor! I hope that all the baby girls who watch movies will become professors of cutting-edge technology in the future.

4. “No Name”

Box office: 401 million yuan

Starring: Wang Yibo, Tony Leung

Movie review: Compared with Cheng Er’s previous frontier and Roman masses, it still maintains a super high level of picture and sound effects, so don’t worry about not understanding it. Wang Yibo is very good. As a film newcomer, he contributed a surprising performance in Wuming. No wonder Cheng Er praised him so much in the early publicity. There is no director who would not like to train such a newcomer himself. The film king feels a lot older, but every expression is super attractive, the only pity is that Zhou Xun has less roles than I imagined, Xun is really suitable for spy wars, the style of the Republic of China yyds! In short, I really like the detail control of director Cheng Er, the sense of picture, in short, the aesthetic feeling. I plan to go to the second meeting with my child tomorrow, so that he can learn about history, study hard, and cherish the present life even more.

5. “Deep Sea”

Box office: 275 million yuan

Starring: Su Xin, Wang Tingwen

Movie review: The magnificent imagination and pictures make people enter a dreamlike world. Some pictures are so beautiful that I burst into tears. From the picture point of view, this film is top-notch, and from the story point of view, it is not satisfactory, but it is quite satisfactory. And in recent years, the motif about the redemption of children with original problems by unreliable town youths has been used too much, and the character image temperament is very close to many works in recent years, making people think whether they have fallen into a new routine After so many years of the rise of the so-called Chinese comics, it is time to put forward higher requirements, hoping to reach the height of “Spirited Away” (of course, there are requirements for the audience). In the end, this story is warm and heart-warming. I I think it is the most suitable movie to watch this Spring Festival.

Which of the current top movie box office lists have you watched? Code words are not easy, welcome to follow, like, and leave a message to discuss.