The cumulative registered users exceeded 27 million, and “Final Fantasy 14” will hold a fan meeting to celebrate

SQUARE ENIX announced that the cumulative registered users of “Final Fantasy 14” exceeded 27 million, and the fan conference will also be held as scheduled. It is tentatively scheduled to be held in 3 regions, namely Las Vegas in North America (July 28, 2023~7 October 29), London in Europe (October 21-October 22, 2023), and Japan (early 2024).

SQUARE ENIX once stated in its 2022 financial report, “Thanks to the “Final Fantasy 14″ expansion Endwalker, which was launched in December last year, the number of monthly paid subscribers has increased dramatically, making the company’s revenue and operating profit higher than the previous fiscal year. rise.”

When it comes to “Final Fantasy 14”, the gold medal producer Naoki Yoshida is naturally indispensable. From the disastrous debut to winning SXSW, DICE, TGA and Metacritic awards, his efforts have contributed to the “End of the Moon” expansion. Although the main focus is now on Final Fantasy 16, he also said he will keep an eye on Final Fantasy 14.