The creativity is full, the original God made a Live2D model, the effect is so good, it attracts CV likes

Speaking of the game “Yuan Shen”, who is your favorite? I believe that players with different XP have different preferences. The only thing that everyone has in common should be that they hope to accompany these characters for a long time. However, “Yuan Shen” is a game after all, and it cannot be opened all the time, so everyone is also looking for alternatives to games. Fortunately, some bosses soon found a way, that is, to make a table pet with an exquisite Live2D model, so that players can also post with their husbands and wives in Yuanshen during work.

For example, the UP master “Come here, let me step down” made the Live2D model embryo cloth of Wendy, Wanye, Mandrill, Dadalia and Zhongli, and let the characters in Yuanshen come to the game outside. Because it is a Live2D model rather than a simple “paper man”, even outside the game, the Genshin Impact characters still have rich expressions. Take “Three Eyes and Five Immortal Immortals” when he said his famous lines, his mouth, eyes, and body all have corresponding movements.

Because this model is so detailed that players have come to appreciate @魈’s Mandarin CV “kinsen”. And after seeing it, Kinsen also said that the UP master is too strong, and I hope that other 2nd creators can use this Live2D to help make a birthday video for 魈. It can be seen that CV likes this model very much.

Don’t look at how beautiful the Live2D model is after it’s formed, the production process can be a bit scary. First, you need to draw a beautiful picture, and then make it into a model, and all parts of the model need to be disassembled and adjusted, and each part needs to spend a lot of time to configure. Of course, although there may be a terrifying scene of “flying facial features” in the process, as long as it is properly deployed, the effect will definitely be eye-catching.

Turn official static portraits and congratulatory pictures into movable live2d. The brains and technical skills of these big guys are too strong! In fact, Mihayou’s own live2d level is also quite good. The pv of the characters such as Linghua and Nilu have passed the high-quality live2d demonstration, so that players around the world are amazed!

I don’t know which character’s live2d you want to see?