The country’s first integrated approval service platform for shipping enterprises is launched in Qingdao Free Trade Zone

Qingdao Radio and Television · Love Qingdao, October 28 ; Today, the country’s first integrated approval service platform for shipping companies was launched in the Qingdao Free Trade Zone. The platform is jointly built by the Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and the Qingdao Maritime Safety Administration. It integrates the entrances of multiple approval systems involving waterway transportation, maritime affairs, customs clearance of import and export goods, business establishment, and port logistics. The seam switching can be completed in one stop, and the whole process preparation time of shipping companies is shortened by an average of 30 days. The platform innovates and establishes a “dialogue” navigation map for scene-based approval services, so that enterprises can understand the approval process at a glance; it sets up six major service sectors: ship transaction, legal service, arbitration, notarization, finance, and insurance. “Docking, to accurately match the rewards and services that shipping companies can enjoy.