The combination of vertical and horizontal in Double 11? What is the signal of Kuaishou’s resumption of Taobao and’s external chain cooperation?

More than eight months after the “breakup”, Kuaishou resumed the cooperation between Taobao and

The Paper reporter learned that since 0:00 on October 28, the partnership between Taobao and Kuaishou has been re-activated.

During Tmall Double 11, merchants have resumed the function of releasing goods and service links in the shopping cart, short video shopping cart, business details page and other modules of the Kuaishou live broadcast room through the Taobao alliance, and will be fully restored by October 31.

On the same day, the “Jingdong Alliance” official account also announced that it will fully resume cooperation with Kuaishou on the external chain of goods. At present, the product grayscale test has been completed. On October 28, the trailer function of Jingdong products in the Kuaishou live broadcast room will be gradually opened. It is expected to be the fastest. On October 29, the official full recovery will be completed. 

External chain cooperation is mainly aimed at Double 11

Why did you suddenly announce the resumption of external chain cooperation? A third-party person close to Kuaishou told The Paper that Kuaishou not only restored the Tmall link, but also the link this time, mainly for the special stage of the Double 11 promotion at the end of the year. As for whether it will recover for a long time, it remains to be seen. 

According to Taobao insiders, the cooperation between Taobao and Kuaishou is not only for the current Double 11. Taobao and Kuaishou will continue to cooperate in the future. Cheng Yuan, general manager of Taobao Alliance, said that the resumption of cooperation between the two parties will help merchants to bring more business certainty and imagination during the Tmall Double 11 period and in the future. said that with the rapid development of short video live e-commerce, the full recovery of the cooperation between and Kuaishou will help both parties create a richer new online consumption scene.

However, in terms of time, the recovery of external chain cooperation is short-term: a Kuaishou insider told reporters that from October 28 to December 31, Kuaishou Xiaohuangche can use Tmall product links; October 28 Until November 30, you can use’s self-operated product links. Whether the cooperation will be retained after that has not yet been determined. In addition, only the links of Tmall and’s self-operated products can be put on the shelves in the Kuaishou live broadcast room, and Taobao’s personal store cannot.

“From the perspective of the interests of consumers, merchants, and platforms, the phased restoration of Tmall and during the Double 11 period is beneficial to all parties. Overall, Ali’s demand for Kuaishou traffic is greater than Kuaishou’s demand for Tmall products. demand, because now the infrastructure construction of Kuaishou e-commerce has been relatively complete, and the overall supply of goods has also improved compared with previous years.” An industry insider said. 

The external chain “removes the wall”, and the platform moves towards interconnection

It is reported that on February 22 this year, Kuaishou E-commerce announced that due to the change in the cooperation agreement between the third-party e-commerce platform and Kuaishou, from 0:00 on March 1, 2022, the Taobao Alliance product link will not be available in the Kuaishou live broadcast room shopping cart , short video shopping cart, business detail pages, etc. to publish product and service links; alliance product links will not be able to post product and service links in Kuaishou live broadcast, but can publish product and service links in short video shopping carts, business detail pages, etc. 

Kuaishou said in the announcement that merchants are advised to do settlement and after-sales order processing in advance, and to undertake goods through Kuaishou stores. 

It is not Kuaishou that cut off the external chain of third-party e-commerce platforms. According to surging news reporters, the Douyin live broadcast room has previously cancelled the links to Taobao and Jingdong. In the instant messaging function of Douyin (private message scenario), you can publish and normally access third-party external links; in the short video scene of Douyin, you can also link to third-party external links through the shopping cart function. 

From the perspective of the industry, the cancellation of the e-commerce external chain is more for the protection of its own platform and commercial competition. Regarding the sudden announcement by Kuaishou to resume the external chain cooperation between Taobao and, some analysts believe that it may be the “coupling” of Taobao,, and Kuaishou, and the goal is directly on Douyin. 

In recent years, Douyin e-commerce has grown rapidly. Earlier on September 27, Zhao Fan, head of the Douyin e-commerce market, introduced that in April this year, the number of users who purchased goods on the Douyin e-commerce platform increased by 63.4% year-on-year, and the number of mobile sellers increased by 165% year-on-year. GMV increased to 3.2 times. In the eyes of the outside world, as the first live broadcast platform to rise, Taobao live broadcast seems to be less developed than Douyin.

“The anchors with goods have a strong head effect. The fans with high stickiness not only look at the price, but also the anchors. There is a clear perception in the industry. After some top anchors stop broadcasting, the data of Taobao Live is not very good, and users’ The desire to buy is declining.” A live broadcast industry source who did not want to be named once told The Paper.  

What is intriguing is that the head anchors of Douyin have chosen to stream to Taobao this year. Luo Yonghao, the former “first brother” of Douyin live broadcast, has led the “Make a friend” team to start live broadcast on Taobao. Not only Lao Luo, but on the evening of October 31, Yu Minhong will also appear in the “New Oriental Xuncheng Education Store” Taobao live broadcast room. The live broadcast content mainly involves college students’ learning, growth and planning. 

The team of Douyin fitness anchor Liu Genghong was also exposed to open a live broadcast account on Taobao. According to the investment promotion pictures provided by the merchants, Liu Genghong’s wife vivi will start the first live broadcast on Taobao on October 31st. . 

“For Kuaishou, the content platform, opening links is a win-win for all parties. For Kuaishou, it needs to realize the channel, and for Taobao and, it needs customer traffic. During the Double Eleven period, consumption is more concentrated. This will help the Double Eleven e-commerce expand its marketing and content. The realization of e-commerce traffic. This may be in response to Douyin, but more is actually a call for corresponding interconnection.” Pan Helin, co-director and researcher of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University International Business School, told The Paper. 

“Interconnection is a requirement for Internet companies. It should be a long-term action. Whether the operation is smooth and whether the responsibilities and rights are clear needs the joint efforts of all parties. However, even if there is a short-term problem and then it is closed, it will resume in the future, because this is the general trend. It is not in line with the policy orientation, and is not conducive to the development of various platforms and what they need.” Pan Helin believes.