The Chinese team regretted to miss the League of Legends S12 finals

Beijing News Sports | Reporter Deng Fangjia

In the early morning of October 30th, Beijing time, the 2022 League of Legends Global Finals (S12) began the semi-final competition. In the end, the only team in the Chinese division (LPL) to enter the semi-finals, JDG, was defeated by the opponent T1 after winning one game. The team pulled three games in a row, and finally lost to the opponent 1-3 and missed the final. Since then, the four S12 teams in the Chinese division (JDG, TES, EDG, RNG) have all been eliminated.

LPL No. 1 seed JDG won 6 games in the group stage and advanced to the top 8. The RGE team, which swept the European division 3-0 in the quarter-finals, advanced to the semi-finals. The second-seeded TES team failed to qualify for the group, while the defending champion and third-seeded EDG failed to qualify for the semi-finals after losing 2-3 to the DRX team in the Korean division in the quarter-finals. The fourth seed RNG advanced to the group stage through the play-in stage, and then qualified from the group stage. In the quarter-finals, they lost 0-3 to the T1 team and were eliminated.

In recent years, the Chinese team has won three championships and one runner-up in the S competition in 4 years, namely, the Chinese team IG won the championship in 2018, the Chinese team FPX won the championship in 2019, the Chinese team SN won the runner-up in 2020, and the Chinese team EDG won the championship in 2021. The S12 Chinese team unfortunately missed the finals, and I look forward to them achieving good results in the new season!

The S12 final will be held at the Chase Center Arena in San Francisco, USA on the morning of November 6th, Beijing time.