The chicken-eating mobile game stimulates the out-of-print skins on the battlefield. In addition to Rocket Girl 101, there are 6 sets that are out of print!

Pragmatic, not exaggerated! I am your good friend, smiling tenfold. Since the chicken-eating mobile game stimulated the battlefield to be renamed Peace Elite, not only has the gameplay made many innovations, but the krypton gold skin has also become the mainstream of the game. But in the hearts of the vast majority of players is still the most exciting version of the battlefield.

As we all know, as long as the skin in the game is next to the word out of print, it will become the focus of players’ attention. After all, the game of Goose Factory does not have such a statement! Now, apart from the 3 sets of costumes co-branded by Rocket Girls 101, there are 6 sets that are out of print in the true sense! Let’s find out together!

The first set: S6 events

Old players all know that there are 6 seasons to stimulate the battlefield. The fashion presented in the last season is mainly based on street-style designs. Face masks were the hottest existence at the time. In addition, the design that can be split freely is more than small skirts. Have an advantage!

I believe that the main reason why many small partners are obsessed with stimulating the battlefield is that the style of the military at that time was very in line with the theme of shooting games! And now it’s peaceful and warm and mecha elite. Personally, I think that these old military supplies are what the chicken-eating game should look like!

The second set: S5 events

The fashions presented in the S5 season, except for the fashion part that gives people a sense of “locomotive”, the rest are the darlings of the mix and match industry, especially shoes similar to AJ’s shape, even in this era when small skirts dominate, It still exists like a clear stream.

I personally think that if this set of clothes can be changed to other colors, then with the blessing of feelings and out-of-print, it will definitely reach the pinnacle, just like the current Lao Liu exclusive green padded jacket!

The third set: S4 events

Except for the slight difference in color, the appearance of the costumes presented in the S4 and S3 seasons remains highly consistent! They are also the lowest rated fashions of the 6 out of print, and even if they can be split into 5 parts, it is difficult to mix and match with other fashions!

Fourth set: S3 events

In addition to the beautiful color, this skin has almost no advantages compared with today’s sweet little skirts, but this style of design is most in line with the game setting of the battle royale. I wonder who will wear it on the battlefield. What about fighting?

Fifth set: S2 event

Starting from the S2 event skin, the ultimate old player tag will appear! Personally, I think that the S2 game suits are the 6 sets of the highest quality, and also have the words “good luck”! You must know that “good luck, eat chicken tonight” is synonymous with this game!

In addition to the poor matching of shoes and hats, this set of clothes can be mixed and matched with most of the current versions of men’s clothes. This design is what a chicken should look like!

Sixth set: S1 event

The red sports in the S1 season not only has the label of the body movement series, but also has the meaning of symbolizing the old players. At present, there are fewer players who own this costume in the game than those who own the original Rocket Girl 101, and they are in the position of the big brother among the out-of-print military supplies!

Because many players do not have this red sweatpants, they have to use the green and purple sweatpants in the clan mall as the symbol of the “Skilled Party”. If this set of clothes can be returned to the market in the later stage, then the sales will definitely kill all kinds of krypton gold. quartermaster.

write at the end

All in all, the game suits that stimulated the battlefield are already out of print skins in the true sense. Of course, in the hearts of players, the most representative of this game is still the little yellow clothes, but unfortunately it has been completely removed from the Peace Elite. ,

Personally, I think that these seemingly worn-out fashions are what chicken-eating games should look like. After all, in the context of the battle royale, it is very impractical to wear a beautiful little skirt!

The above is all the content of this issue. What do you guys think of the current version of the military style? Are you tired of the design of small skirts? Welcome to leave a message to share! Thank you for reading, and I look forward to the encouragement and attention at the end of the article. We will see you in the comment area! #Peace Elite#

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