The Changsha Marathon caused “controversy”, the online competition is better to postpone, more free but lacking atmosphere

When the runners were preparing for the various marathon races with confidence, the organizers poured cold water on us one after another. First, the Wuxi Marathon announced the postponement, and then the Changsha Marathon announced that the offline race was changed to an online race. The measures of the Changsha Marathon and the Wuxi Marathon are more conventional, but the Changsha Marathon is somewhat inappropriate. The first is that the announced time point is very “bad”. For friends from other places, they may have already booked air tickets and hotels. At this time, they have to cancel it temporarily. More importantly, everyone does not understand the online competition. .

In fact, online competitions are very common, but it has always been accompanied by offline competitions, so the attention is not so high. The most direct difference between offline competitions and online competitions is that offline competitions are where tens of thousands of runners gather together, and at the same time follow the track designated by the organizer from the starting point to the finish line. In this process, we are subject to more restrictions, such as the need to Punch on the timing blanket, must wear bib correctly, etc. However, in this form, the atmosphere of the competition is stronger, so it is deeply liked by the majority of runners, which is also the main purpose of many people participating in the marathon.

However, the online competition has lost the meaning of participating in the competition. Runners do not need to come to the scene. They only need to run the distance they signed up on the day of the competition. Of course, this process is very free. You can run anywhere you want, or you No one knows if they want to cheat. After you finish running and upload your results, the organizer will give us medals for expressing the race and some materials for the race. Of course, this must be charged. The derivatives of some races will also generate income for the organizer, and the organizer also saves money. Therefore, normal people generally do not participate in online competitions, which makes the practice of Changsha Marathon full of controversy. In general, it is really better to postpone the event than to hold online competitions.