The chairman of Lege responded to the exposure to the hidden camera of the lift platform: almost all smart devices have cameras

Tech Planet News on October 28th, recently, the news that the Lego lifting platform was exposed to the hidden camera has caused heated discussions. On October 27, Xiang Lehong, chairman of Lego shares, released a video to respond to problems such as the hidden camera on the Lego lifting platform.

Xiang Lehong first apologized for the inconvenience caused by the camera to the public, and emphasized that the camera in the Lego lift platform does not have the possibility of leaking user privacy. When using the camera, the user will have a privacy policy prompt for registration and use, and inform that the calculation is performed locally, and no photos will be uploaded. After users agree to this privacy policy, they can take pictures to measure their heart rate. “I’m not afraid of a crooked shadow for those who want to hack us on the Internet.”

Later, Xiang Lehong in the video became more and more excited: “Do you say that the mobile phone has a camera, does the notebook have a camera? A camera makes you so nervous, you say that I record your privacy, you tell me, I record your privacy. Ah, I didn’t record you in a single privacy, just kidding. Almost all smart devices have cameras, who records you.”

Previously, according to media reports, some netizens complained on the Black Cat Complaint Platform that the Lego A9 smart lift platform they purchased had problems with quality and hidden cameras. The netizen said that the product is not clearly marked with a camera on the promotional page, manual, etc.; and the seller also admitted that it does have an idle camera. As for how the camera works and whether it will cause user privacy leakage, the netizen is deeply concerned.