The box office of the Spring Festival stalls exceeded 5.1 billion yuan, and IMAX China led the Hong Kong stock market’s film and television sector

Financial Associated Press, January 26 (Editor Zhou Xinyang) During the Spring Festival, the box office of movies has been rising steadily, and the stock prices of related Hong Kong stock companies have also continued to rise.

As of press time, IMAX China (01970.HK) Zhangchao 11%, Poly Culture (03636.HK) Zhangchao 10%.

At the same time, according to the latest data, the overall box office of the Spring Festival stalls exceeded RMB 5.1 billion.

At present, the overall box office performance of the 2023 Spring Festival stalls has surpassed that of the same period last year. The Huachuang Securities Research Report pointed out that the box office of the Spring Festival stalls on the second day and the third day (as of 10 o’clock) compared with 2019 and 2022 has achieved year-on-year recovery. The cumulative box office in the first three days was 3.267 billion yuan (excluding service fees, as of 10 o’clock), which is already better than the 3.176 billion yuan in 2019 and 3.190 billion yuan in 2022.

Among the newly released new films for the Spring Festival, “Man Jianghong”, “The Wandering Earth 2” and “Bear Infested·Stay With Me “Bear Core”” ranked the top three at the Spring Festival box office. Among them, the box office of “Man Jianghong” and “The Wandering Earth 2” both exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, contributing half of the box office of the Spring Festival stalls. Other box office breaks include “No Name”, “Exchange Life” and “Deep Sea”.

On the first day of its release during the Spring Festival, “The Wandering Earth 2” topped the box office of the day with a box office of more than 500 million yuan, and was the first to break through the 1 billion mark. Two days after its release, “Man Jianghong” achieved a “reversal” at the box office, surpassing the previous leading “The Wandering Earth 2”. At the same time, “Man Jianghong” currently leads the Spring Festival with a box office of 1.9 billion yuan, becoming the highest-grossing work among Zhang Yimou’s films released in the mainland.

The industry is full of confidence in the annual film market

The Wanlian Securities Research Report believes that the optimization of epidemic prevention policies + a slight drop in pre-sale ticket prices + high enthusiasm for movie viewing and other multiple benefits will drive the performance of the Spring Festival stalls. The box office of the Spring Festival stalls in 2023 is expected to hit a new high in recent years. It is predicted that the overall box office of the Spring Festival stalls is expected to exceed 9 billion.

In addition, the industry is also full of confidence in this year’s film market. Independent producer Shao Jing said in an interview with a reporter from the Financial Associated Press that audiences across the country have a strong demand for watching movies, and this year’s Spring Festival files have surpassed previous years in terms of movie types, themes, and film volume. On the other hand, after the Spring Festival, many imported and domestic films including “Ant-Man 3”, “Black Panther 2”, “The King of the Sky” and “Prosecutors” have been announced. China’s comprehensive recovery has been “like a broken bamboo”.

However, Sun Jiashan, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Arts, still holds a relatively calm forecast for the box office performance of the Spring Festival in 2023. Sun Jiashan believes that the real market recovery should be in the summer period, and there will be twists and turns in the middle market between the Spring Festival period and the summer period. “