The blogger broke the news about the LPL salary. There are five people with an annual salary of more than 30 million. Zhang Jiawen: Korean aid is generally higher

At present, there are only the last few games left in the League of Legends S12 global finals. After the overall game is over, the transfer period will come soon. Sometimes, if the transfer period is more exciting, the heavyweight players will trade comparisons. If there are too many, it may be more attractive than the competition. The teams that have been eliminated or have not even entered the World Championship have already undergone various transfer adjustments. After all, if you adjust early, you can hone the new lineup earlier. This season has been very favorable.

So recently, some bloggers also broke the news. So far, five players in the LPL have an annual salary of more than 30 million, and then there are 15 players with an annual salary of more than 10 million. In fact, such an annual salary is still quite impressive. Surprising, because the current overall environment is that e-sports is in a state of decline. Even a team like the RNG team that has won consecutive championships, although it is not the champion of the s game, but the gold content is very high, but the RNG team is frequently owed. Salary, and even rumored to be auctioned during this time, so the current income of e-sports is not particularly impressive. However, since it has been exposed, it has caused heated discussions among many viewers and friends. Many viewers have also speculated that which five players can be worthy of the signing fee of 30 million annual salary?

When the editor was watching the anchor Zhang Jiawen’s live broadcast, I also heard the anchor Zhang Jiawen talk about the salary of these players. As an anchor who mainly plays male guns, the relationship between some players in Zhang Jiawen’s professional circle is still relatively good. Zhang Jiawen said that relatively speaking, players in the LCK division are generally higher in terms of wages because they sign contracts across the division. Moreover, Zhang Jiawen said that compared with top professional players, top anchors are actually more expensive. It makes a little money, but if the average player is compared with the average professional player, the average professional player is better.

Therefore, there are also many netizens who said that the two players with an annual salary of more than 30 million, Theshy and Doinb, are possible, because these two players have also played well, especially theshy, and their commercial value is relatively high. In addition, the left hand and A Shui may also be among them, because the popularity of these two is very high, and their performance in recent years has been relatively good. Although they have not achieved good results on the world stage, they are also in the league. Championship and runner-up.

Generally speaking, although the overall salary of e-sports players is not transparent, it is definitely much higher than everyone thinks.