The biggest enemy of the EVE Caldari United States is not the Gallente Federation, but the Amarr Empire

In the world view of the EVE mobile game, we all know that at that time, the United States of Caldari was invaded, and the losses were extremely heavy. The person who invaded them was the Gallente Federation. They launched an army, but fortunately later , With the weakening of their strength, they regained their independence. Therefore, the relationship between the United States of Caldari and the Gallente Federation was very tense. Of course, according to reliable information, there is also a certain element here because of the Minmatar people. The disruptive factor.

Therefore, many players feel that in EVE, the biggest enemy of the United States of Caldari is the Gallentes. Indeed, after all, it is the hatred of the country and the blood. No matter how you look at it, the relationship between the two of them will not be very good, but for For the Caldari, the problem at this stage is that their biggest enemy is not the Gallentes. On the contrary, it is a huge good thing to maintain a relationship with the Gallentes. Why do you say that?

Very simple, the enemy of the two of them is not each other, but the most powerful Amarr Empire on the side. In the plot, the Amarr Empire suffered a big loss in the invasion of the Gallente, and the Minmatar they controlled. People have also established their own country. It seems that the Emma Empire, the once strongest king of EVE, is now on the decline. However, this is only a superficial phenomenon we have seen. In fact, the Emma Empire is stronger than it was at its peak. Weakened a lot, but the strength is still there.

Let’s put it this way, let’s say for example, my army in EVE, the “star meow group”, now has 100 people, oh no, let’s talk big, 1000 people, of course, not yet, just suppose, suppose we 1000 people, now 100 people are moistened. At this time, there are only 900 people left in our army. It seems that the strength of our army seems to have weakened a lot, but don’t forget, there are still 900 people in our army. Our strength can still compete with others. Although we have declined a lot, our strength is still good.

And the Emma Empire is exactly such a situation. It seems that its strength is outdated by a lot, but it is only a superficial phenomenon. In fact, the Emma Empire is still a tyrant in the entire EVE world, and their overall strength is still comparable to that of the EVE world. Others pulled a wrench, not to mention, don’t forget, in the EVE world, the Emma Empire was the first country to develop the jumping technology. What does that mean? This power is still there.

And although the Gallentes and the Caldari are not dealing with them, in fact, the Gallentes did not mainly invade them, they were just transferring their own internal contradictions. The Caldari had many internal contradictions. , the Gallentes are not much better. What they need is to solve their own internal problems. At this time, for Caldari and Gallentes, their first task is to join forces to fight against the Amarr Empire. the best choice.

One might say, then why not Jupiter or Minmatar? It’s very simple. At this stage, they do not pose a threat to the Caldari, not to mention the Jupiters. They generally live in galaxies far away from the core area, and they have nothing to do with the Caldari. Threats, there is absolutely no need to defend against them, let alone the Minmatars, they are just primitive tribes, and the internal organizational structure is extremely loose.

In addition, the Minmatar people are scattered among the galaxies, even though some of them are elites, and even climbed all the way to the core layer of the Gallente Federation, but it highlights the serious brain drain of the Minmatar people, this is even more This shows that the Minmatars are not a threat to the Caldari, but the Amarr Empire is different, because the Amarr Empire is strong, well organized, and has a complete industrial system and technology system. A strong country, placed next to any country, is a great threat.